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Carol D

Ive already given you a review on Trustpilot, but you consistently deliver top quality bulbs,it cant have been easy with Brexit and Covid and I have seen other once good suppliers dip in quality over this time, but not you.
I have never ever bought those small spring Iris bulbs and known them bloom ,but the ones from you !! Crikey they are outstanding.
So to sum up your products are worth every penny . I am really looking forward to the summer ,we have reclaimed much of the garden from the Chickens so have lots of space, the Chickens are not happy 🙁 . Lol.
Thank you all of you in your team .

Kind regards
Carol Darlington

Hi Carol

That is so very kind of you to take the time to email us your lovely words! Thank you so much. It really means a lot to us.

The Hart Family