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M. Cutts

I want to buy 50-70 lily bulbs but don’t want sift through all the details to find which ones are HARDY enough to leave out in pots in a savage Derbyshire winter (which most of my current stock do, and survive quite well).
Can you give me a quick summary list of the hardiest types, preferably on 2-3ft stems?

Hi – all our lilies are hardy! In fact, they like a cold dormant phase. They can withstand minus 20 degree celsius temperatures. They just don’t let to get waterlogged as your lily bulbs will rot if they get too wet. If you would prefer the shorter varieties of lilies, then I would suggest looking at the Oriental or Asiatic lilies. The Oriental Trumpet lilies are the taller varieties, so avoid these if you don’t want them too tall.

The Hart Family