Lilies with no fragrance

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I love lilies but unfortunately their scent gives me migraines. Is there any lilies I could grow in pots on my patio that have no scent, Even alstroemeria can give me a headache in vases in the house.

Lilies are such a glorious flower but the scent is an acquired taste. Generally, it’s the oriental varieties that carry the scent. However, the Asiatic lilies, that are very vibrantly coloured, do not carry a scent. The Asiatic lilies grow very well in pots and tend to reach a height of about 100cm tall.

Please find below some of our favourite Asiatic lilies that are fragrant free:

Lion Heart (SKU17655)

Yellow Bellies (SKU17796)

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Black Charm (SKU17742)

Black Out (harts1127)
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