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Although my lilies have flowered well this year they are too close together and have leaned over to the sun – a lot!, therefore I have decided to put them into pots and put them in full sun. Can you tell me when is the best time to move them please and what size pots do they need to go into? Also – how deep a pot do they need? At the moment they are quite shaded by next doors trees, which I suspect also takes a lot of moisture from the lilies. Thank you

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When everything on your lily has died back, including the foliage, you can then move your bulbs to pots. Depending on how many bulbs you have, I would advise planting 3 bulbs in a deep 14 to 16″ pot. They need to be planted about 6″ deep.

More information on how to care and plant your bulbs can be found on our website.

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