Blue dahlia

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Robert P –  

Last year you had blue dahlias. I am looking for a true blue one any ideas?


Hi Robert

The closest blue dahlia we have is called Veritable. If you google it you will see the slight colour variations you can get with it. Our website image looks more purple but it is classed as blue.

The Hart Family

Thank you

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Julie B –

Just to say my mums received her Mother’s Day collection today and is absolutely delighted. She says they are the best bulbs she have ever seen. She has been shielding for a year and it’s been very difficult for her. Especially as I live in Cornwall and she is in Somerset thank you for brightening her day and for your excellent service.

W are so pleased to hear how happy your mum is with her bulbs. Thank you for taking the time to email us. We really appreciate it.

The Hart Family

Dahlia bulbs

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Vera C

I’m wanting to buy Dahlia BULBS not tubers. Can you help?

Hello there

Dahlias come as tubers not bulbs. They are called Tubers as this is the potato-like structure of them. So, really dahlia bulbs are correctly called dahlia tubers. Hope this helps.

The Hart Family

Dahlia tubers

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Richard P

Hi, I was hoping to order some spring planting dahlias (for summer flowers) to give as a Christmas present, but everywhere seems to want to send them out in the Spring. Is it possible to get a delivery before Christmas? Thanks.

Hi Richard

Unfortunately not, Dahlias are not lifted just yet and won’t be ready until the spring. You can pre-order them for february delivery.


You could always send a Gift Certificate and greeting card if you wanted to send it as a present for someone and they can choose some dahlias for next year.

Gift Certificate and Card by Post (SKU18246)

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