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Barry Tucker

Earlier this year I purchased 6 white lily bulbs from you as white lilies are my wife\’s favourite flower, I planted them as per instructions and they began to grow quite tall eventually getting lots of buds, that seemed to be there a very long time without blossoming , my wife was doubting the quality of what I had bought then about 2/3 weeks ago they started to open , and her first reaction when the first one opened was \”wow\” they are amazing, they are now all in full bloom and are the dominant flowers in our garden , Thank you very much for your great service.
On the card that came with them, it says to remove the flower heads when they die-off but leave the stems , could you tell me how long we have to leave the stems , will they eventually just wither away or do we have to do anything with them
I will now be surfing your site with next year in mind, I am a novice gardener but growing your beautiful lilies as made me feel a professional LOL
Kind Regards

Hi Barry
Thank you for your lovely email. I’m so pleased to hear how happy you are with your lilies.

Once you have cut the flower heads off, the stem and foliage will die back and turn a yellow/brown colour. The stem will eventually go hollow. It can then be removed and discarded (usually towards the end of Autumn time). Leave your bulbs where they are over winter and ensure there is adequate drainage. They then should flower again next year.

The Hart Family