Allium bulb names

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Barbara E – 

HI, I bought a number of allium bulbs at your stall in malvern and had a chat about growing, with some great advice thank you. Now, I have no idea what species they are !! I know one is allium schubertii, but no idea of the rest. I think I bought some of all your offerings. 4 types large bulbs and 10 small bulbs. Would you be kind enough to let me know which ones you were selling please. I can then Google to see what I can look forward to next spring. Thank you. Hope you had a good show – we certainly enjoyed it.

Good morning,
Sorry for the delay in replying. The alliums we had for sale at Malvern flower show were:

Allium Schubertii (harts1115)

Allium Gladiator (harts1110)

Allium Purple Sensation (harts1114)

Allium Globemaster (harts1111)

Glad you enjoyed the Show!

The Hart Family