Allium bulb names

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Barbara E – 

HI, I bought a number of allium bulbs at your stall in malvern and had a chat about growing, with some great advice thank you. Now, I have no idea what species they are !! I know one is allium schubertii, but no idea of the rest. I think I bought some of all your offerings. 4 types large bulbs and 10 small bulbs. Would you be kind enough to let me know which ones you were selling please. I can then Google to see what I can look forward to next spring. Thank you. Hope you had a good show – we certainly enjoyed it.

Good morning,
Sorry for the delay in replying. The alliums we had for sale at Malvern flower show were:

Allium Schubertii (harts1115)

Allium Gladiator (harts1110)

Allium Purple Sensation (harts1114)

Allium Globemaster (harts1111)

Glad you enjoyed the Show!

The Hart Family

Allium Gladiator

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In 2019 I put down a large number of allium Gladiator, they bloomed in 2020 but nothing at all this year. Also have two large pots in which I had a mix of smaller allium and almost all have disappeared, I wonder why please?

Hi Jerry

It could be a number of factors…How did you care for them after the alliums had finished flowering? Did you remove the flower heads and leave the stems and foliage to die back to feed the bulb so it flowers the following year? Have you checked to see if the bulbs are still there and intact? Do you have drainage holes in your pots – they may have got too wet and rotted away.


Allium  Gladiator

The Hart Family