Asiatic Lillies to be ordered with Black Out

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Mike B

Good afternoon.
I am thinking of trying to grow Asiatic Lillies in containers. I have already been thinking of ordering Black Out, but would also like maybe a couple of other suggestions from you as to varieties that I could include on the same order to put in a couple of other containers.
many thanks for your help.

Hi Mike,
It really depends on the colours you like but if you don’t mind which colours then we would suggest putting Forever Susan with Black Charm as a good contrasting lily. Or we would also suggest Black Eye as a real eye catching variety.

Forever Susan (harts1133)

Black Eye (SKU1773611)

Kind regards

The Hart Family

Forever Susan bulbs

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S. Williams

I bought 6 of the above named lillies from your stand at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival and I am delighted with them, so I wanted to let you know 🙂 I would send you a pic but Im not sure how to. Superb quality bulbs and stunning flowers. Thanks

That’s so lovely to hear. We would love to see your photos. Please either send them to our email address by replying to this or you can share them with us to all our Facebook friends if you’re on there.

The Hart Family

Peach Lily bulb called Zulu

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Hi. I have trying to find a lily plant or bulb called Zulu. It is a peach colour with maroon specks. Would you have this or know where would?
Many thanks

Hi Helen

Unfortunately this is not a lily we supply. I do hope you find it. We have many other lilies available that are similar in colour, including:

Sweet Desire (SKU17735)

Forever Susan (harts1133)

Loraine Hart