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Sandy V – 

At Wisley you told me to email you in the New Year to ask for Anouska which I brought from you at Wisley 2022 and would dearly like more please this year. Regards Sandy

Hi Sandy

I am so sorry but we do not have any more Anouska Roselilies available for 2024.

We do have some Isabella and Natalia still available for pre-ordering for delivery in the Spring. Both of which are just as pretty and frilly as Anouska.
Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)
Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

Roselily Natalia
The Hart Family

soil type for lilies

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Keith M

We bought some lilies at the show and did not check soil requirements. Some need ericaceous according to which website you use. i believe we got them from yourselves, Tribal dance, chardonnay and natalia will they be ok in general compost or do they need lime free.

Hi Keith

If you are planting your lilies in the garden, then your Asiatic Lily (Tribal Dance) prefers an alkaline soil and the Roselilies (Chardonnay and Natalia) prefer an acidic soil. However, if you are planting your lilies in pots then a good multipurpose compost would be absolutely fine for all of them.



The Hart Family


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M. MacFarlane

I bought a lily growing in a pot inM&S Penrith.If you supply them with lilies I have lost how to care for it and really want to keep for future years.It was pollen free and very fragrant.I think it needs to be kept indoors.I see one you have called Amistad.Would mine need the same care.Really hoping you can help.Thanks.I could email a photo if I had your email address.
Mrs MacFarlane

No we don’t supply M&S – but I have seen them in there. I think they have Roselily Natalia. We have care instructions at the bottom of the product page on our website.

Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

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