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Sandy V – 

At Wisley you told me to email you in the New Year to ask for Anouska which I brought from you at Wisley 2022 and would dearly like more please this year. Regards Sandy

Hi Sandy

I am so sorry but we do not have any more Anouska Roselilies available for 2024.

We do have some Isabella and Natalia still available for pre-ordering for delivery in the Spring. Both of which are just as pretty and frilly as Anouska.
Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)
Roselily ‘Natalia’ (SKU17617)

Roselily Natalia
The Hart Family

Anouska Lily

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Sahil – 

Hi there! I hope all is well. We absolutely loved the lilies that we got from you at the end of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. I wanted to check-in to ask when the Anoushka will likely be available for purchase? I remember that you said it would likely be up on the site 2-3 weeks after the show, so I was wondering if that was still true so that I do not miss the chance to buy them for my mom.

Best wishes,

Hi there,

Sorry for not replying sooner. I wanted to email when Anouska were back in stock… and they now are!
Roselily ‘Anouska’ (SKU17779)

Anouska Lily

Roselily Anouska

The Hart Family

Soil type for oriental lilies

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Sonia – 

I purchased bulbs at Hampton court, please confirm soil type for pots;
Anouska, Angela, Zelmira, Irvana and Aisha ?

Hi there,

All those lilies will be happy in a good multipurpose compost. For best results, you could mix it with 50:50 Multipurpose and John Innes No3.

Roselily Angela

The Hart Family

What soil to plant lilies in?

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Chris R

Please advise best soil/compost to plant the following Lilies in:
Shine On
These were purchased at Chelsea show and will be in large pots/tubs
Many thanks Chris

Hi there,

All of those lilies will be happy in a good-quality multipurpose compost or John Innes No. 3. You could always mix 50:50 using both the Multipurpose and JI No.3 for the perfect mix.

Ensure your pot has adequate drainage holes as lilies will rot if that are sat in water.

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Lily bulb compost

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Justine S

Hello, I have bought the following lilies from you. Lily Sunny Martinique and Roselily Anouska. when I looked at buying John Innes Number 3 it stated it was for mature plants. Is this the correct compost for the above lilies?

Best wishes, Justine.

Hi Justine
Yes John Innes No 3 is recommended for most lilies. If it appears too dense add some horticultural grit and peat-free multi-purpose compost or leaf mould to improve drainage.

The Hart Family

Roselily Annouska

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Christine S

I’ve had my Anouska in a container for two years. Should I repot, take the bulbs out completely and over winter?
Any advice please.
Many thanks and what stunners they are.

Hi Christine

If you have noticed there are lots of splindly stems shooting through then yes, you can lift the bulbs (once everything has completely died back) and break off the baby bulblets and repot them all giving them a tomato feed when you start to see new signs of growth in the spring. You can keep them in the pot over winter.

Roselily ‘Anouska’ (SKU17779)

The Hart Family

Anouska lilies as a xmas gift

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Are you able to despatch lily bulbs pre Xmas, to form Xmas presents, i.e. receipt 2nd/3rd week Dec. I am interested in the lily Anouska


All our lilies are dispatched in February ready for planting. We do Gift Certificates if you wish to purchase one of those for a xmas present or you could pre-order your Anouska lilies as a gift and send a card with an image of the Anouska lilies enclosed letting them know what they will receive in February. You can enter the recipient’s name and address in the Shipping field.

The Hart Family


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P. Baird

We live in the Highlands and want to grow some lilies that should flower early August – in time for the Black Isle Show. We can grow outside or in a poly tunnel. Bye the bye we have not enjoyed the Show nearly as much since you stopped having a stall there.

Hi there

Roselilies would be a good variety for flowering in August.
Aw, we do miss the show – sorry.

The Hart Family

Anouska lilies

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C. Howarth

Hello could you please let me know when you are getting Anouska back in stock as I would like to buy 10 of them.
Thank you

Hi there,
Unfortunately, the Lilium Anouska crop this year has been very limited. I don’t think we will have any more available this year. Sorry about that.

Loraine Hart