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Allium millennium

This question was asked by
Clare R

Hi there team Harts !!!!
Just a quick query , I have just ordered some bulbs & i am just wondering how many millennium bulbs per pot , I think I bought some from you guys at Tatton previously however they were already grown in a pot if that makes sense . All gardening advice greatly received !!!!!! Thank you . Ps they look amazing thank you

Hi there,
We suggest planting 3 or 5 Allium Millenium bulbs per pot. Anything over an 8cm pot.

The Hart Family

Thank you for best lilies

This question was asked by
Margaret Waterhouse

We ordered lily bulbs from the Malvern show. They are the best lilies we have ever grown. A big thank you

Hi Margaret

That’s lovely to hear! Thank you so much for emailing.


The Hart Family


This question was asked by
Hanne O

Hi! I’m from Norway.Is it possible for me to order from you?Regards Hanne Opdal

Hi Hanne

Sorry we are not currently sending to Norway.

The Hart Family

Previous purchase

This question was asked by
Julie P

Hi I wonder if you can help me. I ordered some lillies from you last July, they have just opened and are absolutely beautiful. I’d like to order some more but I don’t know the name of them. I’m wondering if you keep a record of orders .
Regards Julie prior

Hi Julie

I can see from our records that you ordered Roselily Anouska from us.

Roselily ‘Anouska’ (SKU17779)

The Hart Family

Self supporting stems

This question was asked by
Caroline R

I have 5 pots of oriental lilies. Extravaganza, blackband, tiger moon, auretum goldband and tricolour.

The extravaganza and black and have sturdy stems which have required little or no support. The others have flowered but the stems are thin and inadequate unable to support blooms. How can I rectify this problem?

HI Caroline

The only thing you can do is add some support this year and they should develop stronger stems for next year. You could give them a feed to encourage stronger growth. Sometimes with Oriental lilies, the heads are very heavy the first year and the stems need a little help with support.

The Hart Family

lily flowers that go green and thick and dont open

This question was asked by
Anthony S

firstly to say we missed you at the shows this year but at least we have been able to place orders online for autumn/ spring planting.
i am sure you have been asked this a thousand times but the internet only seems to be interested in calla lillies with this problem– i have a couple of lily bulbs this year that have a problem with flowers greening up and not opening firstly what is the cause and secondly am i safe to grow them next year or do i need to destroy those affected–thanks Anthony

Hi Anthony

It could be stress caused by extreme weather conditions. We have had some really hot days followed by plenty of rain and this can cause problems with the lilies. I wouldn’t destroy them as they should flower again next year. Ensure there is plenty of drainage and that they don’t get too hot. Let them die back naturally and give them a feed next year with a slow release fertiliser.

Slow Release Fertiliser – Easy Feed Pack (SKU18119)

The Hart Family

Tulip – colour-changing

This question was asked by
Mrs Schofield

Hi. I had a rogue bulb came up in spring that was green-tinged white – probably semi-double. Lasted and lasted. After at least 2 weeks it then changed to pink tinged and still lasted. Does this ring any bells please?

Good morning
It sounds lovely! Could it be either of these?

Tulip ‘Angelique’ (Pack of 15 Bulbs) (harts1065)

Tulip ‘Shirley’ (Pack of 15 Bulbs) (SKU17628)

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
anthony marriott

Hi there just to say the lillies we purchased from you this year have been amazing they have grown to approx 4foot and the flowers are huge well above our expectations we are going to order more lillies and spring bulbs later this year for next year again thankyou

Good morning Anthony
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We are so pleased to hear how happy you are with your lilies.

The Hart Family