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Rosey Thompson

Hi. My eucomis bicolour from yourself did magnificently. Could you tell me the best way to keep them over winter?
Do I cut all the foliage off and take the bulbs up? They are in a pot.
Thank you

Good afternoon
Leave your Eucomis to die back naturally.
Eucomis may need protecting over winter. Apply a mulch to protect from hard frosts. Cover with 10cm thick of bark or leaf mould.
Containers can be kept in a frost-free place over winter, bring them into shelter from October. Allow the compost to dry out for the bulbs to become dormant.
If you wish to lift them, dry the bulbs off and store them in a frost-free place such a shed or greenhouse.
In the spring, give your pots a top dress with a general fertiliser like Growmore.

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