Looking for smaller lilies

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Robert H

Hi, could you please recommend short scented lilies for a west facing raised bed backed by a stone wall facing the sea (coast is 500m distant). It’s in a warm walled town garden with lots of sun. The bed is humus rich but only 80cm deep. Because it can get windy I thought best to go for shorter lilies which will go behind lower planting at the front. Scent is the priority. Thank you.

Hi there,

Have you looked at our Oriental Pot Lilies? Here are some Lily varieties I’d recommend for your walled bed that will provide a gorgeous scent and are shorter in height.
Lily ‘Garden Party’ (harts110612)
Lily ‘Salmon Party’ (harts10374)
Lily ‘Sunny Azores’ (SKU17898)
Lily ‘Sunny Bahamas’ (harts110511)
Lily ‘Sunny Keys’ (SKU1763912)
Lily ‘Sunny Martinique’ (SKU17896)

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