Allium Ambassador

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thelma – 

My alliums were spectacular! When you say ‘cut back’ – do you mean take the heads off when finished or cut back the stalks as well?. The dead heads look very attractive but I will cut them off if it’s best. The flower heads when in full bloom had a unpleasant scent when up close – is this natural?

HI Thelma

Yes Alliums are part of the onion family and will smell similar to an onion unfortunately.

Once the whole allium head and stem turns yellow/brown and hollow, it can be removed completely.



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Allium ambassador

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Ted Mole

Last year at the show at Lingfield I bought three huge bulbs: alium ambassador.
These are extremely successful. I’d like to buy 6 (six) more.
You priced them at 3 for £12 on the day.
Can you sell me six by post? If so let me know your price inc postage.
Many thanks.

Hi Ted

I am pleased to hear how delighted you are with your Alliums. You can order them online here:

Allium Ambassador (Pack of 3 Bulbs) (SKU17720)

You can use our early bird discount code SP20 for 10% off.

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