The best white allium cultivar?

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Jack Wallington

Sorry to bother you, I was just wondering which white globe allium you’d recommend as the best one? I’ve seen some advice that says Mount Everest performs better than White Giant but it’s not very clear.
I’m trying to find the whitest flowers that last the longest.
Thank you

Hi there,

I would recommend White Giant for being taller and stronger and a an-round-better allium.

Allium White Giant (harts1112113)

Allium White Giant

Allium White Giant

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Joanna H


I am looking for Allium Angulosum Summer Beauty bulbs – I can’t see these on your website. Could you tell me what you have that would be the closest match – I would like to plant them in clusters at the front of the border.



Sorry this isn’t one we stock I’m afraid. The closest we have is Allium Millenium that’s a bulbous root that can be planted in clusters.

Allium Millenium (harts11141)

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Allium Ambassador

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thelma – 

My alliums were spectacular! When you say ‘cut back’ – do you mean take the heads off when finished or cut back the stalks as well?. The dead heads look very attractive but I will cut them off if it’s best. The flower heads when in full bloom had a unpleasant scent when up close – is this natural?

HI Thelma

Yes Alliums are part of the onion family and will smell similar to an onion unfortunately.

Once the whole allium head and stem turns yellow/brown and hollow, it can be removed completely.



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Autumn bulbs

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Ruth M

Advice needed
Been given £20 voucher…
I like white and blue alliums… close flowers and a mix of colourful others.

Hi there,
We have a great offer on alliums:

Allium Bulb Collection (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (SKU17627)

Allium Gladiator

Allium Gladiator

But we also have lots of other varieties to choose from with lots of offers available on collections, including tulips, daffodils etc:


Don’t forget you can use TREAT10 code for 10% off your order! 


Tulip Grand Perfection

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Bob D

Looking for a mixed lot containing 5 varieties including Christophii Purple sensation and 3 others choice yours. All same height more or less. Say 180-200 in total. Good size bulbs and best price please. Sussex.

Hi Bob

We have lots of Alliums to choose from, you can see them here:


We also have a couple of great Allium Bulb Collections:

Giant Allium Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs + 10 FREE Purple Sensation) (SKU17723)

Allium Bulb Collection (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (SKU17627)

buiten 0059

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Allium Gladiator

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In 2019 I put down a large number of allium Gladiator, they bloomed in 2020 but nothing at all this year. Also have two large pots in which I had a mix of smaller allium and almost all have disappeared, I wonder why please?

Hi Jerry

It could be a number of factors…How did you care for them after the alliums had finished flowering? Did you remove the flower heads and leave the stems and foliage to die back to feed the bulb so it flowers the following year? Have you checked to see if the bulbs are still there and intact? Do you have drainage holes in your pots – they may have got too wet and rotted away.


Allium  Gladiator

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How big a pot for Allium Globemaster?

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Graham –

Hi just received my order of Allium Globemaster just wondering if they can be planted in pots if so what size would the pot have to be for 3 bulbs
Cheers Graham

HI Graham

Yes they can be planted in pots – ensure there is plenty of drainage, I would suggest planting 3 Allium Globemaster bulbs in a 18″ patio type pot.

Allium Globemaster (Pack of 3 Bulbs) (harts1111)

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How many tulip bulbs for a 5x5ft bed?

This question was asked by
Susan –

I have a raised bed 5ft by 5ft .l would like to plant tulips in the bed for the Spring. How many bulbs do I need to fill the space?

Hi Susan

It really depends on how packed you would like the bed. For a fuller display, I would recommend planting 100-150 tulip bulbs for this area.

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Daffodils for long flowering display

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David B – 

I could do with about 500 bulbs, different varieties, but split across the flowering time, so we get the longest display.

What can you do?

Hi David

We now have a new sear engine on our website where you can filter the varieties by flowering month. So you could enter May and choose which ones you like, then April and so forth.

I would suggest the following:

March Flowering:

Narcissus ‘Replete’ (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1137121)

Narcissus ‘Dutch Master’ (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts113711)

April Flowering:

Narcissus ‘Tahiti’ (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts11371)

Narcissus ‘My Story’ (Pack of 15 Bulbs) (harts113712212)

May Flowering:

Narcissus ‘Pheasant’s Eye’ (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1150)

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Alliums Need to go in pot (whiskey barrel)

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Debbie W – 

Need help with number of bulbs – don’t want them too tall.
Late spring to Early Summer.
Colours blue purple.

HI Debbie

You mention Alliums for potting up into a Whiskey Barrel – some alliums can be quite tall. I would suggest using our filter search at the top of the Allium page and opting for the Low or Medium Heights. This will then show you all the varieties that are not too tall.

Are you wanted to plant other bulbs as well? You can do this by layering your planting. We have more information on our website on how to layer your planting here.

With regards to the number of bulbs, it really depends on the size of the barrel and the size/height of the bulbs you would like to have. For a more fuller and mixed arrangement, I would advise starting with the following:

1 x Pack of Allium Rosy Dream (10 Bulbs)
1 x Pack of Hyacinth Paul Herman (6 Bulbs)
1 x Pack of Muscari Marleen (20 Bulbs)

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