Delivery to a friend

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Mrs Dodd

I would like to purchase some Lilies as a gift for a friend, will it be possible for you to send them direct to her please?
Thank you

Of course – that’s no problem at all.

When you check out, please amend change the shipping address to your friend’s but keep the Billing address as your address.

If you have any problems, please let me know and I can amend it from my end.

The Hart Family

Thank you for such quality lily bulbs

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Yvonne M

Thank you for such quality lily bulbs you recently sent to me. we look forward to when they wake up and start flowering later this year.
Yvonne Moore

A welcome sight come the summer!

You’re very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to email.


The Hart Family

Scented Lily

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I have several planters I would like to grow lilies in. Ideally they need to be very fragrant, no staking is preferable, something pink or purple to fit in with our scheme. Is there anything you would suggest please? Something we can leave in which will flower again next year too. Emphasis on the fragrance really, thanks.

Hi Jessica

If you would like scented lilies, then anything that says ‘Oriental’ in the variety is highly scented. The general rule of thumb is the whiter/lighter the flower, the more fragrant it is (as it attracts insects by its scent rather than colour). However, all oriental lilies have a lovely fragrance.
Please look at the following links for scented lilies, you can filter your search by colour by using the search engine at the top of the page:

Oriental Lilies
Oriental Lilies

Oriental Trumpet Lilies (taller varieties)
Oriental Trumpet Lilies

All lilies can be left outside during the winter and will flower year after year.

The Hart Family

Aftercare for lilies

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Jill merton

Am absolutely delighted with the lilies I bought from you in the early summer. They are now coming to the end of flowering. What is the best way to keep them healthy until next year? They are in pots and I do not have any glass. Do I cut them down and if so how far? I have deadheaded them. Thank you.

Hi Jill

When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown. Ensure to leave at least 2′ of stem.
You do not need to lift your bulbs, they like a cold dormant phase throughout winter. Just ensure they do not get waterlogged as this will cause them to rot.

The Hart Family

Replacing Lilies after a few years

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H. Harris

Hi I have bought umpteen lily bulbs from you over the years some I grow in pots when they need ericaceous soil some in the ground. I have noticed I have less bulbs growing than I had and I am wondering do lilies have a life span and thus I need to buy more bulbs to get the types back that are now missing?

Hi there,

Yes Lilies can need replacing after a few years. You may notice you need to break off any baby bulblets and replant these also as these can sap the energy form the adult bulbs. It always good to give them some fresh compost each as well.


The Hart Family


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Kath salt

Hi I would like to purchase some Lilly’s and happy to pay on line but we only live in mow cop would it be possible to collect bro save the postage ie outside your gate at an agreed time?
Regards Kath

Yes – this is no problem at all. Please let me know what you would like to order and I can arrange that for you.

The Hart Family

Lily bulbs

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K. Perscha

I‘m living in Austria and I‘d love to order some of your lilie bulbs. Is it still possible to plant them and have them bloom in Summer?
Thank you, take care, Katrin

Yes you can plant your lilies now and they will still flower this year.

The Hart Family