Planting advice on lilies.

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Hi, I bought Sabor and Snow peak double oriental bulbs from the gardeners world show yesterday, when should I plant these please? And if I can’t plant them now, how should I store them please?
Thank you!

Hi there, 

You need to plant your lilies ASAP as they will be in flower in about 10 weeks time. You can store your lily bulbs for a week or two in a fridge but I would advise planting them as soon as you can. 

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Watering lilies in pots

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I received bulbs from you around 5-6 weeks ago, I have stored them In compost; I am now ready to pot up; please advise how to water. I have read not to allow water logging or over watering, it I’m still unsure!
Can you be a little more specific please.

Thank you very much

Hi Caroline

You need to water your lilies regularly during active growth periods but do not over water them allowing the lily bulbs to get waterlogged as they will rot unfortunately.

So water them well (ensuring the pots have drainage holes) say once a week but more regularly when the weather is warmer.

Roselily Aisha planted in pots

Hope this helps.

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Large Lily Flower Heads

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Riki B

Which varieties of lilies has the largest flowers? Not including the giant lilies please.

Hi Riki

The Oriental Lilies will have the largest flower heads if you are not wanting the tree lilies.

Oriental Lilies

Have a look at Casa Blanca, Auratum goldband or Homerus, these are good varieties with large flowers.

Lily ‘Casa Blanca’ (harts1091)

Lily ‘Auratum Gold Band’ (harts1001)

Lily ‘Homerus’ (SKU17686)

Casa Blanca

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Purchase of lilies

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Mary R Whiteley

Will you be at Chelsea in May?
I have a ticket for Members Day on the Wednesday.

I usually buy my Lillies then.
Didn’t see you in the Autumn one.

Hi there – yes we will be at Chelsea with Lilies for you to purchase. See you there.

Loraine on the BBC

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Delivery time

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Hi i would like to buy some lily bulbs. When I go to checkout it only gives me February as a dispatch date? Am I able to get them sooner ?

These are the ones I would like to buy.

Lily ‘Accolade’
Roselily Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs)
Lily ‘Forza Red’
Lily ‘Netty’s Pride’

Many thanks

Hi there,

Our lily bulbs will be dispatched from February onwards. This is when our crops are available.

Lily Accolade

Kind regards

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When to lift and move lilies

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Geoffrey G

When is the best time to move lily bulbs Speaking to your staff at Newby Hall flower show I was told that the white lily oricle is better than casa blanca. have you got any stock of it?

I would let your lilies die back completely and then lift and move them. This will most likely be the end of Autumn.

Our Oracle lily can be found here:
Lily ‘Oracle’ (SKU176162)

Oracle Lily

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What compost or mix of composts do I use for the lilies?

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Elizabeth B

I have just ordered some Oriental lily bulbs from you to grow in large clay pots. What is the best compost to use? Do I need to add sand as some sites advise? How do I prevent the dreaded Lily Beetle?? I can start them in a cold greenhouse.

Hi there,
You can mix John Innes No.3 with a good quality Multi-purpose compost (50:50 mix). Adding horticultural grit for drainage is recommended.

We have a Grazers G4 spray or concentrate you can purchase for the lily beetle.

Lily Beetle Prevention Concentrate (SKU179721)

Lily Beetle Prevention Spray (SKU17972)

Lily bulbs

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Lily bulb storage/over wintering

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Noel W – 

Hi all, hope everyone is well there, for many years i have always left my potted lilies, the ones I use for cutting, to just die down naturally in the pots under cover in the barn having fed them virtually up to the leaves browning, i lost a lot of bulbs to the wet winters we get here in Ireland a few years back hence the barn storage, the question, is there a better way to overwinter them to get better bulbs in spring, for example remove from pots and dry store them, or would that affect the bulblets and when should the mother bulb be discarded or does it not matter, regards Noel.

Hi Noel

We advise leaving the bulbs in soil over winter. They like a cold dormant phase, so your barn sounds perfect. Give them a fresh top layer of compost each year. After 3 years you will need to divide your bulbs and break off the bulblets and replant them all.

You will notice the mother bulb will get weaker over time, you will then need to replace them.

Lilies after flowering

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