When can I order Lilies?

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Norman J

I have a gift card from this year and would like to use it to purchase some lily bulbs , when will they be available to purchase ?

Hi Norman

All our lilies are available to pre-order now for delivery in the Spring next year.
Please click on the link above which will take you directly to our Lilies on our website.


Best wishes

The Hart Family


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Julie M

Hi, your display at Chelsea was truly amazing, such great colours. Do you have any Lily bulbs left please?
Many thanks

Hi Julie

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately, we have stopped sending out for this year. We will be popping all our lilies back in stock shortly for pre-ordering for next year now.

Best wishes

The Hart Family

lily bulbs in flower for September

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Barry S

Looking for any lily bulbs you sell that flower in September?


Hi Barry

I would advise buying lilies later in the year. We stop selling them in May and usually they take 10-12 weeks to flower so if you were to keep them in the fridge and plant them in June, you will find you should have them in flower in Sept.



Alternatively, you could try planting Nerines (the Guernsey lily) as these flower later into the Autumn.



Best wishes

The Hart Family

Happy Customer

This question was asked by
Harry H

Top quality good grade lily bulbs once again, many thanks.
Lily bulbs purchased from you in previous years have flowered stunningly well, with many good sized flowers to each stem. Also performing as well, if not better in the following year. (All container grown – some divided depending on variety / number of new bulbs produced).
Best regards,
Harry Howard

Thank you Harry for your very kind email and for taking the time to write it. It’s so nice to hear from our happy customers.

The Hart Family

Thank you

This question was asked by
John S

Just a note to say how lovely the lilies look that we purchased from you (as bulbs), at the Chelsea flower show..
I really didn’t think that they would flower this year. (I can send you some photos if you like, but not sure how to attach them to this email.)

One type has large white flowers and the other one has a large pink flowers.

I think that I ordered some more lily bulbs from you you to be delivered when when it’s appropriate. Could you give me some idea when this is likely to be.

Many thanks.

Hi John
Thank you for your lovely message. We really appreciate it.
If you would like to send photos by return email that would be lovely.

All lily bulbs orders are dispatched from February onwards ready for planting.

The Hart Family

Lily Question

This question was asked by
Fiona G

Hi, I bought some lilies from you at Hampton Court last year 2021. When they flowered the size of flower was amazing. I left them in the pot over winter and this year they flowered again.
Only thing is the flowers were really small in comparison to last year. what do I need to do to get large flowers again. Also I bought more bulbs from you this year and they were really large so I don’t want to repeat any mistake on my part.

Fiona Gray

Once your lilies have finished flowering, you can stop watering them and then cut just the flower heads off leaving plenty of stem on. Allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally until it has turned yellow and hollow. (This is usually towards the Autumn time.) You can then remove the stem and foliage at this point. Leaving it all to die back naturally will then feed the bulbs, allowing them to flower again the following year.

Leave the bulbs where they are over winter as they like a cold dormant phase, they just don’t like to get waterlogged as they will rot.

You can then give them a fresh layer of compost in the Spring and feed them with a diluted tomato feed during active growth periods.

Hope this helps.

The Hart Family

Planting advice on lilies

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Hi, I bought Sabor and Snow peak double oriental bulbs from the gardeners world show yesterday, when should I plant these please? And if I can’t plant them now, how should I store them please?
Thank you!

Hi there,

You need to plant your lilies ASAP as they will be in flower in about 10 weeks time. You can store your lily bulbs for a week or two in a fridge but I would advise planting them as soon as you can.

Sabor Lilies

The Hart Family

Watering lilies in pots

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I received bulbs from you around 5-6 weeks ago, I have stored them In compost; I am now ready to pot up; please advise how to water. I have read not to allow water logging or over watering, it I’m still unsure!
Can you be a little more specific please.

Thank you very much

Hi Caroline

You need to water your lilies regularly during active growth periods but do not over water them allowing the lily bulbs to get waterlogged as they will rot unfortunately.

So water them well (ensuring the pots have drainage holes) say once a week but more regularly when the weather is warmer.

Roselily Aisha planted in pots

Hope this helps.

The Hart Family

Large Lily Flower Heads

This question was asked by
Riki B

Which varieties of lilies has the largest flowers? Not including the giant lilies please.

Hi Riki

The Oriental Lilies will have the largest flower heads if you are not wanting the tree lilies.

Oriental Lilies

Have a look at Casa Blanca, Auratum goldband or Homerus, these are good varieties with large flowers.

Lily ‘Casa Blanca’ (harts1091)

Lily ‘Auratum Gold Band’ (harts1001)

Lily ‘Homerus’ (SKU17686)

Casa Blanca

The Hart Family