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Cathy Taylor

I wanted to let you know how much joy and beauty your Lilies have brought to a sheltered area of our garden in North Yorkshire. Believe it or not, they are just flowering now and the scent from them while having a cup of tea this afternoon was a real lift to the spirit as Autumn creeps over the fields! I planted them in pots and despite signs of a potential attack by the dreaded red beetle and some wily slugs, they have survived and are stunning! At the first sight of these pesky little bugs, I checked each pot thoroughly every day until I felt confident they had disappeared! I am now ready to look at more Lilies for next year – as you can see I have become obsessed – for next year and also some tulips. If the tulips \’give\’ like your Lilies I will have so much happiness from Spring through to Autumn!
Thank you for the expert quality of your beautiful bulbs!

Kind regards


Hi Cathy – thank you so much for your kind words. It makes us smile knowing we have cheered you and your garden up during this uncertain time. Enjoy.

The Hart Family