Aftercare of lilies

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Florence L

The lilies I purchased from you late last year for planting this year have been outstanding. They grew exceptionally tall and healthy, had an abundance of blooms, and the scent was quite fantastic. They were without doubt a very great success.
As they’ve now finished flowering and the leaves beginning to turn brown, I’d be most grateful if you could advise me how best to preserve the bulbs for next year. Can I leave them all in the pots they grew in? Do I need to feed them in the winter?
I look forward to hearing from you when convenient.
Mrs F. Lloyd

That’s great to hear!
When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems becomes hollow and brown. You can leave your bulbs where they are over winter – they do not need to be lifted. Just ensure they do not get waterlogged. You can even put your pots on their side to prevent this.

You can feed your lilies with a Tomato Feed to stimulate and strengthen your lilies when you start to see signs of growth again next spring. Make up your tomato feed with half the recommended dilution (written on the instructions on the bottle) and feed once every 3 weeks.




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