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Strongest scented lilies

This question was asked by
R. Leverton

Which stargazer lilies have the best scent and nectar? I wish to attract Convolvulus Hawk-moths.

All our white oriental lilies are extremely highly scented as they attract insects through their fragrance and not colour.
We do have Lilium Oriental Stargazer or you could try a whiter variety. Or you could even try Nymph lilies as these have a slightly sweeter scent.

Lily ‘Stargazer’ (harts1003)

Lily ‘Crystal Blanca’ (SKU17899)

Lily ‘Extravaganza’ (harts1093)

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

The Hart Family

Feeding Oriental Lilies

This question was asked by
P. Shore

Do you recommend feeding pot-grown lilies after they have bloomed, and if so with what kind of fertiliser/plant food?

We suggest watering your oriental lilies moderately after they have finished flowering but do not let them get waterlogged. You can also try using a Tomato feed on your lilies.

Loraine Hart