Strongest scented lilies

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R. Leverton

Which stargazer lilies have the best scent and nectar? I wish to attract Convolvulus Hawk-moths.

All our white oriental lilies are extremely highly scented as they attract insects through their fragrance and not colour.
We do have Lilium Oriental Stargazer or you could try a whiter variety. Or you could even try Nymph lilies as these have a slightly sweeter scent.

Lily ‘Stargazer’ (harts1003)

Lily ‘Crystal Blanca’ (SKU17899)

Lily ‘Extravaganza’ (harts1093)

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

The Hart Family

oriental lily stargazer

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K. Johnson

Hi it says these need ericaceous soil, but in the instructions it says use multi-purpose compost so do I need ericaceous compost or not? Can you please clarify?
many thanks

All oriental lilies thrive in an ericaceous (Acidic) soil. So if you know your garden has an alkaline soil then they wouldn’t do very well planted in your borders. Therefore we recommend planting in pots, using a good multipurpose compost. However, for best results, we would suggest using a mix of both in equal parts.

The Hart Family

Do lilies need a feed?

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P. Armstrong

I have some lilies and feel that those lilies in pots must now be in desperate need of a feed after being there for a few years. As every feed under the sun has different components, could you tell me which in particular I should be looking for to feed my lilies? I would like to buy an organic feed if possible – any advice?

We use a good quality Tomato feed for our lilies once every other week. Also, after 3-4 years, your lilies will need dividing and replanting. Just lift the plants and divide the clumps, you will see baby bulblets attached to the original bulb, break these off and replant all the bulbs and bulblets. Add extra compost where necessary.

Loraine Hart