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Scented lilies

This question was asked by
C. Leadbetter

Hello. I am not too bothered about the flower colour, could you tell me which are the most highly scented lilies please

Hi there
Any lily that is a full Oriental lily or a hybrid Oriental lily will carry a fragrance. The whiter the lily the stronger the scent. This is because they will attract the insects by their scent rather than colour. Lilium Nymph does have a particularly sweeter smell. More like cinnamons. This is a stunning variety too.

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Strongest scented lilies

This question was asked by
R. Leverton

Which stargazer lilies have the best scent and nectar? I wish to attract Convolvulus Hawk-moths.

All our white oriental lilies are extremely highly scented as they attract insects through their fragrance and not colour.
We do have Lilium Oriental Stargazer or you could try a whiter variety. Or you could even try Nymph lilies as these have a slightly sweeter scent.

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montego bay

This question was asked by
D. Bourne

I bought some lilies from you about three years ago, one of which was called montego bay this appears to be discontinued.
Can you give me the name of a similar colour lily?

Good afternoon,
The closest in colours to Montego Bay would be:

Avalon Sunset (SKU17947)

Nymph (harts1027)

Shocking (harts1026)

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