Scadoxus bulbs

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Wayne B

Hello. I am looking at your scadoxus bulbs. Can you tell me what 16cm+ bulb size means please, and are these flowering size bulbs.

Many thanks

HI Wayne

It’s the circumference of the bulb. So the Scadoxus bulbs we have are 16cm+ which is top size for these. This means you will benefit from them being more mature and producing a better display the first year compared to smaller, less developed bulbs.

The Hart Family

Scadoxus Multiflorus

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julia Horne

I bought six from you I have a square pot 30 cmsX 30 cms
How many bulbs should i plant in it ???
thanks 🙂

I would advise 3 maximum per pot as you don’t want your scadoxus flower heads to be imposing on each other. They need a bit of room.

The Hart Family

Scadoxus multiflorus

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R. Bartlett

Morning Harts
you kindly sent me 6 bulbs in February (order number 3005768)
and I planted the first 3 on 16th March, in the greenhouse, in multipurpose compost (Wickes )
with the pointed end just a couple of mm below the surface. So far no signs of sprouting.
I have done the same with the other 3 in garden compost on April 16th.
How long would you expect the first planting to show signs of growing.

Hi there,
Scadoxus can take a little time to activate, hopefully you will see signs of growth of the ones in the greenhouse soon.

The Hart Family