Nerine bulbs

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Caroline  – 

I would like to order would like to order some Nerine bulbs (Bowdenii) – when will you dispatch them? Now or do I have to wait till Feb as suggested on your website. ?

Hi there,

We dispatch our Nerine bulbs from February through to the end of May. If you order your Nerine bulbs now (May), they will be dispatched the next working day and will flower late summer to autumn.




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Planting Roselily plants

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Terry E

I will be ordering plants from your web site, before I can would you advise me the maximum number Roselily plants I can plant in a 60cm Dia planter.

Is it OK to plant these Lillies in groups of 3 0r 5 ? in the planter.

Would you advise if it is suitable to fill the planter using Ericaceous soil mixed with John Innes No3 soil?

Is it best to plant the bulbs at the bottom of the planter and then cover to the top with the soil?

Many thanks – Terry

Hi Terry

You need to plant your bulbs with 4-6″ of soil above the top of the bulbs mixing the Ericaceous with John Innes No.3 is perfect. You could plant 9 (3×3) to 10 (5×2) roselily bulbs in this size pot.

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How to store Nerine bowdenii bulbs

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Vanessa Z

How should nerine bowdenii bulbs be stored prior to planting?
I have been given some and it is too cold and wet in my garden to plant them out now.

Keep your Nerines somewhere dry and cool and frost free before planting them out in the Spring.

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Scadoxus bulbs

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Wayne B

Hello. I am looking at your scadoxus bulbs. Can you tell me what 16cm+ bulb size means please, and are these flowering size bulbs.

Many thanks

HI Wayne

It’s the circumference of the bulb. So the Scadoxus bulbs we have are 16cm+ which is top size for these. This means you will benefit from them being more mature and producing a better display the first year compared to smaller, less developed bulbs.

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Ian A

I have just purchased one of the above and would like to know what size planter it would need to put in as my soil is prone to water logging here.
Many thanks

Good mornign Ian

We would advise planting your Cardiocrinum into a 5 litre pot.

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)

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Packing of dahlias

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Jane S

With the mixed pack of dahliasis each one named or pot luck? Why is cafe au lait £10 not £4 as with the others?

Looking forward to placing an early order

Many thanks

HI Jane

Cafe Au Lait is a larger variety and a more expensive variety unfortunately.

The dahlia collections are packed individually so you know which varieties you have.

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Nerine Bowdenii bulbs

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Brianne P

Can I plant these bulbs out now or should I wait till March ?
Thank you

Hi Brianne

If you have them now, plant them now. We do not send our out until early spring but get them in the ground if you have them.

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Snowboard Lilies

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Michael G

Could you tell me if you have any snowboard lilies available to buy?

Good morning Michael

We haven’t got lilium Snowboard available this year unforunately but we do have lots of white double oriental lilies and white roselilies. Have you seen these:

Lily ‘Fondu’ (harts10391)

Lily ‘White Tornado’ (harts103912)

Lily ‘My Wedding’ (SKU17722)

Roselily ‘Angela’ (SKU17778)

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Congratulations on your website

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Roy M

Have just ordered my lilies for next year and just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent website. It is very responsive and easy to use.
There are very good photos/ descriptions/ filters throughout.
Well done!

Hi Roy

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on our website. We are so glad to hear your shopping experience was an easy one!

Many thanks and Happy New Year!

The Hart Family

Flowers for May

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Just wanted some advice as to which lily bulbs are perennial? I was wanting to get a gift for my neighbour of flowers that bloom around May each year as a memory for someone they lost.

Hi Alice

That’s a lovely idea – yes our bulbs are perennial. Lilies do tend to flower a bit later than May though. Have you seen the Lily of the Valley that flower in May? They are gorgeous, have a beautiful perfume and multiply each year.

Convallaria Majalis ‘Lily of the valley’ (Pack of 10) (SKU18066)

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