Roselily Annika

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Kate M

I am keen to purchase Roselily Annika but it would appear that it is not available to purchase individually.
Can you confirm that it is to be included in the collection?
Many thanks

Hi there,

I am afraid not, the collection will contain a mixture of the roselilies we have in stock. if there is a particular variety you would like to include, please leave a note in the comments box and we will try our best to add it for you if it is in stock.

If you like Annika, have you seen Leona? That is very similar.

I have linked it below for you to have a look at.

Roselily ‘Leona’ (SKU17786)

‘Roselily’ Bulb Collection (Pack of 10 Bulbs) (SKU17653)

Roselily Leona

The Hart Family

Aftercare for Double white Lilium Leona

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J. Raworth

Grew this lilly for first time in our North facing conservatory. Fantastic. Do I need to feed it again next spring for a repeat performance. How do I over winter the bulbs in a pot in the conservatory?
Will definitely be ordering more bulbs.
Please send me your catalogue

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, we have stopped producing a printed catalogue as we are considering the environment. We do have everything online for your perusal.

With regards to the aftercare of your lilies, once your lilies have finished flowering, cut off the flower head and allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally (this puts the energy back in the bulb for it to flower the following year). Once the stem has turned brown and hollow, you can cut it off from the ground level or, in fact, you should be able to just pull it out of the soil leaving the bulb still secure in the pot.

Lily bulbs like to have a cold, dormant phase and can stand -25 degrees and will therefore be happy to remain in the in your pot over the winter period. Just ensure they don’t get too wet by planting in well-drained soil and having good drainage in your pots. Lilies can stand the cold just not the wet as they will rot and not flower properly the following year.

If you wish, you can feed your lilies with a tomato feed next year once you see signs of growth again.

Best wishes

The Hart Family

How many bulbs?

This question was asked by
Anne Watson

I want to plant up an old metal coal scuttle measuring 16in x 12in x 10 in deep with white lilies. Can you please advise how many bulbs I would need and the best variety to choose? I am thinking along the lines of keeping to white but am open to the possibility of introducing perhaps pink. I like My Wedding and Leona but would welcome your comments. A lighter fragrance would be my first preference
With thanks

Good afternoon,

I would recommend having maybe 6 lilies within this space. My Wedding and Leona are both stunning varieties and will produce a lovely scent for you. If you are after a slight hint of colour, perhaps mix them with Roselily Kendra as this has a subtle pink edging to it which is simply stunning!
Loraine Hart

A white, pollen-free Lily

This question was asked by
F. Mann

I want a white, pollen-free Lily that will do well in partial shade and which will be in flower throughout August. You have lots of ones on your website, so which would you recommend?

All our Roselily lilies are gorgeous and pollen free. They also carry a lovely fragrance too. Perhaps have a look at:

Roselily ‘Pamela’ (SKU17788)

Roselily ‘Leona’ (SKU17786)

However, please note, our lily bulbs are being dispatched In February 2019 now. You can still purchase our lilies from us up until July at all the flower shows we will be exhibiting at. See list here:

Loraine Hart