How do look after lilies after flowering

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Jill H –

Had a fabulous show of Sabor and Amstad lilies that I ordered last November. What do I do now they have finsihed flowering? How far back do I cut them? Thanks

Hi Jill

Just cut off the lily flower heads and let the foliage and stem die back completely. When it has all turned yellow and hollow, it can be removed to the ground.

Leave the bulbs in their pot over winter and give them a fresh top up of compost. Protect them from getting waterlogged by tipping the pot on its side. Other than that – they are fine to be left outside over winter.


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Flowering time

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Amanda S

I’m looking for a reliable and stunning flower to grow in pots to decorate my daughter’s wedding venue. The wedding is in Hertfordshire on 22/08/20. I am wondering if Amistad double oriental lily is suitable. If so please advise if you can supply 100-150 and how I can best work to the correct flowering period.

Hi Amanda
That’s no problem at all…. Amistad is expected to be in flower in August so the timing should be ideal. we would recommend planting them February/March time. If you would you like to discuss it further, you could contact Jonathan on 07855785540 and he should be able to assist.

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