Magnificent Asiatic Lilies

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Mary C – 

I bought some Asiatic Lily bulbs from you in the Spring. I planted them in pots and they were absolutely magnificent after an initial worry that they were not going to flower. You assured me that they would! Some of them were over 5 foot tall. My query now is can I leave the lilies in the pots in which I planted them in the spring or do I need to take them out, dry them off and store them for next year. Thank you.

Hi Mary
That’s fantastic to hear!
Yes leave the bulbs in the pots. You can cut off the seed heads and leave everything to die back naturally. Once the foliage and stem has turned yellow/brown, they can be removed. Ensure the bulbs don’t get too wet but they like a cold dormant phase and can remain outside during the winter.

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Orange lilly

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I’m looking for the right type of Orange Lilly to display for the 12th July in Northern Ireland.

We advise the following flowering times for each category of lilies:

End of June/Beginning of July : Asiatics
Lily ‘Cesare’ (harts10171)

Beginning of July/End of July : Oriental trumpets (tree lilies)
Lily ‘Valverde’ (SKU176481)

End of July/Beginning of August : Orientals
Lily ‘Hotel California’ (SKU179471)

Lily ‘Salmon Star’ (harts1106)

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