Which bulbs to purchase

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Could you please advise which scented varieties are good to grow in pots inside a g/house & outside?

Hi Bob

Do you wish to have autumn planted bulbs or spring planted bulbs? We now have a great filter engine on our website where you can choose if they are scented or not. Most bulbs are ideal for pots. It also says on our website on each page whether they are suitable for containers. If you would like any further advice, please let me know.



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Peter Blick

On your site you offer 15 begonia corms for £12.50 and 5 colours.
Do they come packed in separate colours to allow them to be planted say 3 pink in a basket?

Hi Peter
They are a pre-mixed bag at a discounted price.


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Query on delivery of Eucomis

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Rob H

Hello. I was just looking to find out when my order of Eucomis may be delivered. Thanks. Kind regards. Rob

Hello there
Your Eucomis need planting in the spring so they will dispatched out to you in February.

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