This question was asked by
Jasmine J


Hope this email finds you well.
I bought a pack of 15 begonias from you that I planted immediately on receipt in May.
They now have wonderful large foliage but only 1 blossom in the whole lot.
Can you please let me know how to encourage more blooms?

Many thanks,

Hi Jasmine

You could try to give them a diluted tomato feed to help. They will keep producing flower heads, deadhead faded flower heads regularly, this will encourage new growth for longer.


The Hart Family

Begonia corms

This question was asked by
michael Cohn

I bought a wonderful selection from you last year, took them up in the autumn, dried them in a dry dark place and I now see that they are producing pale pink shoots.
I have 2 questions:
1. Should I now put them into compost and keep them in the garage for the moment, and when can they be planted in the ground or what?
2. I bought a mixture of climbing and ordinary ones but unfortunately I did not mark which is which – is there any way to distinguish now?
Thanks in advance

  1. Yes you can plant up your begonias now just keep them frost free before moving them outside.
  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish between the corms now I’m afraid. All the Begonia corms will look very alike.

The Hart Family

When is the best time to purchase begonias?

This question was asked by
Bob L

I purchased begonias from you last year, what a marvellous crop they gave me, they were the talk of the street, this year I don’t want to be slow in getting them !!

Hi Bob

I’m so pleased to hear how good your Begonias were.

If you pre-order them now, they will be dispatched to you in March.


The Hart Family

Overwintering Begonias

This question was asked by
Dave –

What do I do with my begonias now flowering is over?

Hi Dave

Once the Begonia flowering season has finished, the stems and foliage will turn yellow and die back naturally.
Reduce watering to prevent rotting.
Once all the stems have fallen off naturally, dig out the tubers, clean and dry them before storing them away in peat or sand in a dry, frost-free area like a garage or shed.
Replant the following February.


The Hart Family

Summer flowering bulbs

This question was asked by
David –

Over a year ago my daughter in law gave me some small bulbs to plant – but the garden was not ready – and they\’ve withered to nothing in their bags
I need to find some Oxalis; Brodea; Sparaxis; Acidanthera and Liatris Spicata
Can you help?

Hi David

We have some of those available to pre-order for spring delivery, they are:
Brodiaea (Pack of 100 Bulbs) (SKU18055)

Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus (Pack 20 Bulbs) (SKU17824)

Mixed Liatris (Pack of 15 Bulbs) | Special Offer (SKU178211)

The Hart Family

Overwintering Cannas

This question was asked by
Anne B – 

I have cut the foliage off my potted cannas and they are now in my insulated green house. Do they need watering throughout the winter or should they be kept dry

Hi Anne

Cannas need lifting and drying off over winter. Cut back foliage and carefully lift the rhizomes out of the soil.
Allow the rhizomes to dry off naturally and then clean away any soil.
Make sure the tubers are completely dry before storing them into open trays or boxes.
Store in a dark place that is frost free.
Replant them in the spring and water regularly.

The Hart Family

Cardiocrinum giganteum

This question was asked by
Brian S

Can you supply three Cardiocrinum giganteum next spring or seeds?

Hi Brian

We have the Cardiocrinum Giganteum available for dispatch next Spring. The Cardiocrinum comes as a potted bulb in a liner. Please see our website for further information.

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)

The Hart Family

Begonia corms

This question was asked by
Dori H

Hi! If I order some Begonia corms now, will they be all right until I plant them in February? How should I store them? Or do you take the order but not deliver until nearer the time?
Thank you!

Hi Dori

If you place your order now for Begonia corms, they will be dispatched in February ready for planting.

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
Peter Blick

On your site you offer 15 begonia corms for £12.50 and 5 colours.
Do they come packed in separate colours to allow them to be planted say 3 pink in a basket?

Hi Peter
They are a pre-mixed bag at a discounted price.


The Hart Family