Overwintering Begonias

This question was asked by
Dave –

What do I do with my begonias now flowering is over?

Hi Dave

Once the Begonia flowering season has finished, the stems and foliage will turn yellow and die back naturally.
Reduce watering to prevent rotting.
Once all the stems have fallen off naturally, dig out the tubers, clean and dry them before storing them away in peat or sand in a dry, frost-free area like a garage or shed.
Replant the following February.


The Hart Family

Summer flowering bulbs

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David –

Over a year ago my daughter in law gave me some small bulbs to plant – but the garden was not ready – and they\’ve withered to nothing in their bags
I need to find some Oxalis; Brodea; Sparaxis; Acidanthera and Liatris Spicata
Can you help?

Hi David

We have some of those available to pre-order for spring delivery, they are:
Brodiaea (Pack of 100 Bulbs) (SKU18055)

Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus (Pack 20 Bulbs) (SKU17824)

Mixed Liatris (Pack of 15 Bulbs) | Special Offer (SKU178211)

The Hart Family

Overwintering Cannas

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Anne B – 

I have cut the foliage off my potted cannas and they are now in my insulated green house. Do they need watering throughout the winter or should they be kept dry

Hi Anne

Cannas need lifting and drying off over winter. Cut back foliage and carefully lift the rhizomes out of the soil.
Allow the rhizomes to dry off naturally and then clean away any soil.
Make sure the tubers are completely dry before storing them into open trays or boxes.
Store in a dark place that is frost free.
Replant them in the spring and water regularly.

The Hart Family

Cardiocrinum giganteum

This question was asked by
Brian S

Can you supply three Cardiocrinum giganteum next spring or seeds?

Hi Brian

We have the Cardiocrinum Giganteum available for dispatch next Spring. The Cardiocrinum comes as a potted bulb in a liner. Please see our website for further information.

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)

The Hart Family

Begonia corms

This question was asked by
Dori H

Hi! If I order some Begonia corms now, will they be all right until I plant them in February? How should I store them? Or do you take the order but not deliver until nearer the time?
Thank you!

Hi Dori

If you place your order now for Begonia corms, they will be dispatched in February ready for planting.

The Hart Family


This question was asked by
Peter Blick

On your site you offer 15 begonia corms for £12.50 and 5 colours.
Do they come packed in separate colours to allow them to be planted say 3 pink in a basket?

Hi Peter
They are a pre-mixed bag at a discounted price.


The Hart Family

Query on delivery of Eucomis

This question was asked by
Rob H

Hello. I was just looking to find out when my order of Eucomis may be delivered. Thanks. Kind regards. Rob

Hello there
Your Eucomis need planting in the spring so they will dispatched out to you in February.

The Hart Family

Begonia Pendula Orange (Pack of 5)

This question was asked by
Jean Fairlie

How many tubers/corms do I plant per hanging basket?

I would advise planting 3 begonia bulbs to an average sized hanging basket.

The Hart Family

Planting begonias

This question was asked by
Linda Davey

I have just received some begonia tubers from you. Can you advise me what you recommend to plant these in pots

Hi Linda
Double Begonia Tubers are ideal for containers, pots or tubs.
Begonias like a well-drained but moist compost in a sunny position. We advise planting 3 x tubers into an average hanging basket or pot.
Position the Begonia tubers just below the compost surface with the ‘hole’ of the tuber facing up approx 2.5cm deep.
Space your tubers about 2cm apart.
Feed and water Begonia plants frequently throughout the growing season. Take care not to over water.
Deadhead faded flower heads regularly, this will encourage new growth for longer.

The Hart Family

Your nursery

This question was asked by
Pat barker

Hi everyone at harts . You have my life a pleasure while I’ve been on lockdown . Your lilies , begonias and service have been superb . Yours With great thanks
Pat Barker x

Oh how lovely! Thank you so much for taking the time to email us. Take care and enjoy your lilies and begonias.

The Hart Family