what month to plant lily's?

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B. James

hi team I chomping at the bit to receive the 48 lily bulb’s I purchased from you in 2019, I’m wondering in what month to plant the bulb’s? March surly? yours Brendon

Hi there Brendon,
Thanks for your email. We are currently starting to send out all lily bulb orders ready for planting. You should receive yours in the next couple of weeks. Ideally, we recommend planting lilies in the Spring for Summer flowering. So as soon as you receive them, you will need to plant them. Fingers crossed this wet and horrid weather improves.

Kind regards

The Hart Family

Lilium Tricolore

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S. Obrien

Would Tricolore be the same as a “captain tricolore” lily bulb, if not can you let me know if you can get hold of some of these bulbs for me, or where I am likely to find any?
Thank you.

I’ve not heard of Captain Tricolore lily I’m afraid. But we do have Tricolore lily in stock which is a gorgeous Oriental lily variety with a lovely scent. The 3 different colours (hence the name) really do make it a striking flower for your garden or pots.

Tricolore (SKU17701)
Loraine Hart

Lilium Lankon Bulbs

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Catherine Fawcett

I would like to purchase around 50 Lilium Lankon bulbs – will you have them in stock any time soon? Thanks

Hi Catherine
Unfortunately, Lankon has been discontinued. We are extremely disappointed as it’s such a stunning variety. We hope you can find an alternative on our website. Here are some other gorgeous variteies you may be interested in:

Solution (SKU17804)
Spectator (SKU17759)
I particularly like Sucinto as it’s an Oriental Trumpet lily so it carries the fragrance, the height and large flower heads.
Sucinto (SKU17700)
Loraine Hart

Lilies flowering in August

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I was wondering if you could let me know which lilies flower in August.
Thank you,

Hi Lisa
Thank you for your email. We would say Orientals or Roselilies tend to flower the latest, usually the end of July/beginning of August.
Kind regards

Loraine Hart

Lilies/flowers for a wedding in September

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Hello, I am looking for lilies to plant which will flower by 1st Sept 2018 for planters at a wedding. I do not know if any lilies in flower then & if so, which ones & when to order/plant Looking for white colour only. Thanks, Grateful if you can suggest anything.

Hi Amanda
I would advise ordering your lilies for delivery later into 2018. If we dispatch them to you say the end of May/beginning of June, they usually take 8-12 weeks to flower (depending on the variety – Asiatics are usually quicker to flower than say the orientals). I think Roselilies would be perfect for a wedding especially as they don’t have any pollen but still have the scent and flower a little later. Roselily Kathinka is a lovely white double lily with a fragrance. Alternatively, we have a gorgeous Double Oriental Lily called My Wedding – which would be perfect too. If you wish to order online, please just mention in the comments that they are for a wedding in September and change the delivery date to May.

Roselily ‘Natalia’
My Wedding (SKU17722)
Kind regards
Loraine Hart