Tree lily planting instructions

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J. Mehew

I would appreciate advice as to ideal growing conditions for tree lilies.

Hi there Jane,
I am sorry about that, all orders should have planting instructions with them.
Tree lilies can be planted in pots or in flower beds. The good thing about tree lilies is that they are happy in any well-drained soil. They like full sun ideally as they will lean to find the light otherwise and some tree lilies can get very tall.
If planting in the garden, plant the bulbs about 8″ apart. Space the groupings at least 3 feet apart.
If planting in pots, plant 3 bulbs in a 10-14″ ‘patio type’ pot using good-quality, multi-purpose compost.
Plant the bulbs with 4-6″ of soil above them.
When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems becomes hollow and brown.
After a few years of flowering, you may find the Oriental Trumpets Lily produces less blooms, it may be time to lift your bulbs and divide them by breaking off the bulblets. All the bulbs will then need replanting.
To prevent Lily Beetles from damaging your lilies, we recommend using the Lily Beetle Prevention Spray. This Spray (Grazers G4) will also stimulate growth of your lilies.

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