Information about Polianthes tuberosum

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Andrew B

Please can you advise me if these bulbs are easy to repeat flower in successive seasons or should they be regarded as annuals?
I had some several years ago but could get them to flower in the second year!
Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

Yes your Polianthes Tuberosa should come back each year like most bulbs. They just need a little care over winter.
Move your containers to a frost free location before the first frosts.
If your bulbs are planted in your borders, they need lifting before the first frosts and stored in a frost-free location.

Polianthes tuberosa

Further information can be found here:
Polianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

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Polianthes Tuberosa in pots

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Jackie M

Hello Harts. I bought 3 Polianthes Tuberosa to grow in pots. They are currently in 10cm sqare pots in a heated propagator. Can you please advise me what size pot they should ultimately be potted up into, either together or singly.
Many thanks,

HI there,

I would advise planting one polianthes tuberosa into a 10-12cm diameter pot or three tubers into a larger 15-18cm pot.

PolaiPolianthes Tuberosa (SKU18324)

Plant Polianthes Tuberosa tuber this way up ⬆️

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I am widowed and retired, a gardener not……Are there perennials that will appear throughout the year.

All our bulbs are perennials and they will come back each year. Depending on which bulbs you plant will depend on what time of year they will flower. Our website will tell you when each bulb’s flowering period is.


Start by looking in the Spring Planted Bulbs and Lilies Categories – these will flower this summer. Then you will need to look at the Autumn Planted Bulbs and these will flower int the Spring.

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jamie – 

Good day I wanted to find out when the gypsophila will be in stock?

Hello there

Yes our Gypsophila is back in stock for you to pre-order now. We have 2 varieties, one white and one pink. They will be ready for dispatch in the next month,

Gypsophila Flamingo (Pack of 3 Bare roots) (SKU180561)

Gypsophila White ‘Fairy perfect’ (Pack of 3 Bare Roots) (SKU18056)

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Doris Slingsby

I would like to purchase 8 Cardiocrinum bulbs and hope that they will be as mature and therefore as successful as the ones I bought from you in 2018! They were a real show stopper, thank you very much.
Please advise of availability,
kind regards,
Doris Slingsby

Hi Doris

Yes we have top-size Cardiocrinum bulbs available to purchase online.
These do sell out pretty quick.

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)

Cardiocrinum giganteum

Cardiocrinum giganteum

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Growing tree Lilies in limestone

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david brown

Do you have Tree Lilies that will thrive on Portland Dorset, we are limestone based really.

Tree lilies are happy in any well-drained soil type. Alternatively, they can be planted in pots.

We have lots of tree lilies here:
Tree-like Lilies

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Bulb order for Christmas

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Melanie G

Hi if I order gladiolus and dahlias will they be delivered by christmas please?

HI Melanie

No, these will be ready for the spring when they need planting. If you are wanting to get them as a christmas gift, we are doing Gift Vouchers that we can send to yourself for you to pass on or we can send them directly to your recipient.

Gift Certificate and Card by Post (SKU18246)

Online Gift Certificate (SKU182464)

Harts Nursery Gift Voucher

Harts Nursery Gift Voucher

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Dahlia question

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I want to get my friend a gift certificate to buy some dahlias from you. When are the bulbs available?

I bought mine from you and had the most stunning garden.

Hi Tertia

Thank you for your lovely comments. I am so pleased to hear how happy you were with your dahlias. You can pre-order dahlia tubers now for delivery in the Spring. Dahlias are a great way to add constant colour to your garden for a long period of time.




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