Storage of Allium bulbs

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Ann Myles

Each year I have spent a large amount on buying allium bulbs – they are planted in late autumn and bloom beautifully in the spring/summer but if I leave them in the ground they never return the following year, so I always have to buy and plant more each year. I feel that I need to dig them up at the end of the season and maybe store them over winter rather like a tulip bulb that you wish to relocate the following year – any idea on how to do this if it is possible, or where do you think things are going wrong. I live in a very exposed site in the Cotswolds and our winters are quite wet and temperatures can go as low as -12 degrees on a regular basis. Thank you for your help.

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No I would leave your alliums where they are, cut the seed head off and allow the foliage and stem to die back by themselves to feed the bulb. Alliums like a cold dormant phase so its best to leave them in. We do advise lifting them after the 3rd year and splitting them.

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Loraine Hart

Allium gigantium

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How would I plant 3 bulbs if I wanted to grow in pots would they need a pot each and what size pot do I need and what compost .

It’s personal choice on how you wish to plant them. If you want 3 in a pot, we would advise a 12″ pot. A free-draining, multi-purpose compost will be fine, or try John Innes No. 3.

Loraine Hart