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M. Littleboy

I don’t have a question I just wanted to tell you how amazing my lillies that I bought from you are. This is their second year they are fabulous. All our visitors can’t believe how beautiful they are.
I bought them at the Wisley show 2018, I just wanted to thank you.

So lovely of you to email us.. We do love to hear from our customers. If you are on Facebook or social media, please do tag us in any photos of your lilies. Our other customers are often sharing their photo not here,

The Hart Family


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I am looking for tree lillies that have a long flowering period and are reasonably tall in height. What varieties would you recommend?

Good afternoon,

All the tree lilies will flower about the same length of time. I would recommend the Conca D’or Lily for a good strong, all-round lily. However, our Tree Lily collection is very good value for money and contains 4 different varieties:
Nymph (harts1027)
Robina (harts1029)
Manissa (harts1025)
Cocossa (SKU17672)
‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)
Loraine Hart