Identifying a Deep Pink Nerine

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S. Hall

My Mum had Nerines in a vibrant pink, which I would like to grow in my garden, to remind me of her. The colour had no hint of purple or red, and is wasn’t a pale pink. I can’t tell the shade of pink from the bulb packets on your website. From images on the internet, the nearest I can find is Nerine Bowdenii Isabel.
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Sarah Hall

Hi – is it Nerine Bowdenii, this is the most popular Nerine we have. A very vibrant pink.

Nerine Bowdenii

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Spider lily

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I am looking for pink spider lily bulbs, do you have any ?
Thank you
Jan Coulson

Yes we do – they will be dispatched in the Spring for Summer flowering. You can find our nerines here:


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Nerine Bulbs

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P. Meek

I want to plant some Nerine bulbs but my local garden centre tell me that the bulbs are unavailable until next spring.

Yes you need to plant Nerines in the Spring for Summer flowering. We can take orders now, but they won’t be dispatched until March.

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Brian Holdstock

Can I get the bulbs in now?
I want truly-hardy and shocking pink – which should I go for?

Hi there,
Yes Nerines need planting now. We have a a few shocking pink to choose from, Nerine Bowdenii Favourite and Nerine Bowdenii. Both of which are semi-Hardy so we advise mulching over during the winter months to protect from frost. Ensure they are in free-draining soil as well as they don’t like to get waterlogged.

Nerine Bowdenii ‘Favourite’ (Pack of 6 Bulbs) (SKU17805)

Nerine Bowdenii (Pack of 6 Bulbs) (SKU17666)

Loraine Hart