Potted lillies to flower shortly

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Rosemary B

do you have any lillies potted to flower shortly? I have in the past purchased from you at Chelsea alas not to be this year. The lillies we have are going over and would like to replace them. They are such a joy!

Hi Rosemary

Sorry we don’t have any now. All our bulbs are sent in bulb form from February onwards.

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Will Lily ‘High Tea’ be coming back in stock

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Hello, will Lily ‘High Tea’ be coming back in stock, or will that be it for the season – I’m not sure what the stocking period is.
Thank you

Hi Dennis

Yes it’s back in stock now but it’s a popular one and is selling fast.

Lily ‘High Tea’ (SKU17634)

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Aftercare for lilies

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Jill merton

Am absolutely delighted with the lilies I bought from you in the early summer. They are now coming to the end of flowering. What is the best way to keep them healthy until next year? They are in pots and I do not have any glass. Do I cut them down and if so how far? I have deadheaded them. Thank you.

Hi Jill

When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown. Ensure to leave at least 2′ of stem.
You do not need to lift your bulbs, they like a cold dormant phase throughout winter. Just ensure they do not get waterlogged as this will cause them to rot.

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Pre-order lilies for 2021

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william sells

I am looking to buy some Liliums and I see in your online catalogue
has some bulbs down as sold out. Is this last years or has the crop failed. When do you intend to lift your bulbs or do await an order?

Hi William

We are currently updating our stock list when we know which crops will be available for February. They should all be online in the next couple of weeks so please check back then. You can pre-order your lilies now for February 2021 delivery.

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Lily – High Tea

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Margaret Milligan

Dear Sir/Madam, I see that all your lily’s for next year are available for pre-order. It says on your site that Lily – High Tea is out of stock.
Will it be available for order at some point for delivery in Spring 2021 or not ?
Margaret Milligan

Good morning Margaret

Lilium High Tea is now back in stock for pre-ordering.

Lily ‘High Tea’ (SKU17634)

The Hart Family

Dwarf Lilies

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Robert W

Can you please tell me the best time to plant these Dwarf Lily bulbs?

Good morning
All lilies bulbs need planting in the spring ideally so they flower in the summer.

Pot Lilies

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Tall lilies

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Keith S

I had some from you a while ago and when flower is grown and buds formed they go brown and drop off do you know what could be done as I leave them in the ground I’ve had lots of lovely flowers for last couple of yrs but last Yr and this they are not good can you help me thanks.

Hi Keith

It could be a number of factors affecting your lilies, from the extreme weather conditions we have experienced, to the soil they are in. I would lift your bulbs after everything has died back. Divide them if they have any baby bulblets attached, replant them and give them some fresh compost. A slow release fertiliser will strengthen your lilies also.

Slow Release Fertiliser – Easy Feed Pack (SKU18119)

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Dividing lilies in pots

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Derek G

When is the best time to repot lilies out of pots thank you derek

Hi Derek

Wait until all your lilies have completely died back, this should be around the end of Autumn. You can then lift, divide and repot your lilies as needed.

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just to say how happy i was with your lilies this year; the Trebbiano were beetle resistant even though surrounded by other lilies that suffered. i shall buy more of these next spring; or do you recommend i buy them now? Does your spray kill the beetles or just repel them?

Hi there,
The Spray will repel the the lily beetles – it needs spraying quite regularly after watering or rainfall. You can pre-order your lilies now just to incase we sell out of them.

Lily ‘Trebbiano’ (SKU17658)

Lily Beetle Prevention Concentrate (SKU179721)

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When are Madonna Lilies dispatched?

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Good morning.

We have received your order – thank you! You should have received an order confirmation from us, please check your junk folder as they sometimes hide in there. Your Madonna Lilies will be dispatched in September ready for planting.

Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily) Pack of 3 Bulbs (SKU17646)

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