Stock availability – especially Lilies

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Aline P

Hi. I really hope that the out of stock status on every item I clicked today was due to robust sales; brilliant if this is the case especially after the lack of shows in which to show your wonderful displays.
I’ve a number of your lilies in beds and also in pots ready for planting out, but would really appreciate a dozen more plants suitable for cutting – especially scented plants that will go into one of my newly set up cutting flower beds in my vegetable garden. Everything I clicked today showed out of stock. I’m not particularly fussy for soil type as am lucky enough to have neutral and acidic (no alkaline) soil, but would like a selection suitable for cutting within the next year or two. Do you have any bulbs that would fit this brief that I could bury into the beds now before I start positioning the annuals?
Kind regards
Aline Phelps

Hi Aline

Yes any of the orientals or oriental hybrids will work well in your garden. I have just put all our stock back online:

Oriental Lilies

Oriental Trumpet Lilies

Double Oriental Lilies


Longiflorum Oriental Lilies

The Hart Family

Great bulbs

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Theresa G

Just to let you know my bulbs arrived, in great condition. Thank you.
Can’t wait for them to flower!!!

You’re very welcome – thank you for taking the time to email us.

Lily Bulbs

The Hart Family

Sunny Robyn lilies

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Christine C –

Could you tell me if you sell sunny robyn lilies please. Also if you do can you tell me how to order?
Thank you

Unfortunately we do not have that variety of lily but we have Sunny Martinique which I think is quite similar. You can order through our website by clicking on the link below:

Lily ‘Sunny Martinique’ (SKU17896)

The Hart Family

Super Condition Lilies

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John B – 

Just a quick message to say thank you for the wonderful Lilies received yesterday. They were in super condition on receipt and are now potted up. Excellent service & goods.
Best wishes
John B

You’re very welcome Mr Beechey. Thank you for taking the time to email us.

The Hart Family

Just a thank you

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Sheila –

I’ve received my beautiful lily bulbs today. Lovely sized and healthy bulbs. Thank you.
Kind regards

You’re very welcome Sheila and thank you for taking the time to message us.


The Hart Family

Replanting lilies

This question was asked by
Judy F

I have ordered from you before..your lilies are wonderful. I have some varieties in the garden that I’d like to move them…is now a good time to lift them…is it even advisable?
Many thanks

Hi Judy

Yes, once your lilies have completely died back, you can remove the stems and them lift and replant them.


The Hart Family

Thank you for such quality lily bulbs

This question was asked by
Yvonne M

Thank you for such quality lily bulbs you recently sent to me. we look forward to when they wake up and start flowering later this year.
Yvonne Moore

A welcome sight come the summer!

You’re very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to email.


The Hart Family

Potted lillies to flower shortly

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Rosemary B

do you have any lillies potted to flower shortly? I have in the past purchased from you at Chelsea alas not to be this year. The lillies we have are going over and would like to replace them. They are such a joy!

Hi Rosemary

Sorry we don’t have any now. All our bulbs are sent in bulb form from February onwards.

The Hart Family

Will Lily ‘High Tea’ be coming back in stock

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Hello, will Lily ‘High Tea’ be coming back in stock, or will that be it for the season – I’m not sure what the stocking period is.
Thank you

Hi Dennis

Yes it’s back in stock now but it’s a popular one and is selling fast.

Lily ‘High Tea’ (SKU17634)

The Hart Family

Aftercare for lilies

This question was asked by
Jill merton

Am absolutely delighted with the lilies I bought from you in the early summer. They are now coming to the end of flowering. What is the best way to keep them healthy until next year? They are in pots and I do not have any glass. Do I cut them down and if so how far? I have deadheaded them. Thank you.

Hi Jill

When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown. Ensure to leave at least 2′ of stem.
You do not need to lift your bulbs, they like a cold dormant phase throughout winter. Just ensure they do not get waterlogged as this will cause them to rot.

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