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When do you expect to have Nerine Bowdenii in stock again please?
Many thanks

Hello there,

These will be back in stock to pre-order in the next month or so for delivery in the Spring. Please click on the ‘Notify Me’ box to be emailed when they are available to order.

Nerine Bowdenii (SKU17666)

The Hart Family


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Brian Holdstock

Can I get the bulbs in now?
I want truly-hardy and shocking pink – which should I go for?

Hi there,
Yes Nerines need planting now. We have a a few shocking pink to choose from, Nerine Bowdenii Favourite and Nerine Bowdenii. Both of which are semi-Hardy so we advise mulching over during the winter months to protect from frost. Ensure they are in free-draining soil as well as they don’t like to get waterlogged.

Nerine Bowdenii ‘Favourite’ (Pack of 6 Bulbs) (SKU17805)

Nerine Bowdenii (Pack of 6 Bulbs) (SKU17666)

Loraine Hart