Adding to order

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D. Bethel

Appreciate if you could update the above order to 2 off instead of 1, ie 30 bulbs instead of 15.

Yes I can update your order, that’s no problem – I will need to take payment for the additional £12.50. What’s the best number to call you on please?

The Hart Family

Border plants

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Jean Garner

Whats the best low level flowers to plant in the front of my borders?

Begonias are great for planting at the front of your borders. They are low level and full of colour. Begonias great summer plants as they flower profusely from June to October and are easy to plant and easy to care for. Once everything has died back, simply lift and store Begonia tubers over winter for replanting the following year.

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M. Gardner

I have just received my begonia corms and would like to thank you for your very efficient service and the size of the corms far better than I could buy in any garden centre near here

Ah that’s lovely to hear – thank you for emailing us.

The Hart Family