Lily x Rose

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Marlyn P

I am looking for the lily combined with a rose. My sister in law showed me a photograph, it was beautiful. I have tried finding it on your website,no luck. Lililium and lily come up. I hope I will be able to make a purchase of it.
Regards. Marlyn Peebles.

You can find all the Roselilies here:


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What do l do with my Roseliles after flowering…

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Susan L

My Lily’s have been amazing. What is the best way to store them for next year?

Hi Susan

Leave your lilies where they are, just cut off the flower heads and leave the stem/foliage until they have completely died back and turned yellow and hollow. This is usually well into the Autumn. You can then remove the stem and foliage by cutting them just above ground level.

Leave your bulbs outside in soil as they like a cold dormant phase. They just don’t like to get, so ensure they have plenty of drainage. Bring pots under a bit of shelter from rain and/or ensure they are on feet to prevent waterlogging.


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Fragrant Lilies

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Robert M

I am new to growing lilies and would like especially fragrant ones, for planters on my patio. Also – preferably not too tall although that is not too important – the scent is. I have in mind regale, sorbonne, casablanca, that sort of thing. I could do with some advice.
many thanks

robert Martin

Hi Robert

As a general rule of thumb, the whiter the lily the more fragrant is it. This is because it attracts wildlife by its scent as opposed to its colour. Those varieties you mention are lovely, however Regale will get a bit taller over time. I would advise looking at the Oriental Lilies and Roselilies for scent and for lilies that are not too tall.

Oriental Lilies


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I am about to place an order for some Roselilys. I do have a couple of gardeners as I am not very knowledgeable about garden procedures, or the how, why and when of planting. I find your site very informative but would still like to know when the bulbs are actually sent.
We are very proud to say that we have just been accepted by The National Garden Scheme and would love them to come out if possible in June but think you say they come out in July, but I would still ike them.

Lastly I am sorry to say we do have quite a few squirrels, who in the past have eaten them all, and was therefore wondered if you have any ideas as how to keep them at bay.

Any help will be much appreceiated.

Lady Hunt

Hi there,

Our Roselilies are dispatched in February/March when they need planting. They will then flower July/August time and this can be dependant on the weather too.

With regards to the squirrels, you could protect your lily bulbs by covering them with chicken wire.

I believe there are some other squirrel deterrents you can purchase online, like fruit cages etc.

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Lilyanne M

Feb/March time you sent me Rose lily bulbs. Just to let you know that they are all magnificent, full bloom, smell amazing and each stalk has at least 7 buds. Thank you for selling these to me. X

Hi LilyAnne

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We are delighted to hear how happy you are with your roselilies.


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Advice about cutting roselilies

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Paul C

Hi. I planted out some roselilies for cutting in a cutting bed and I’ve just started bringing them in, delighted with the results.
I just want some advice about whether they will repeat flower next year and if there is any way I should cut or feed them to improve the chances. I am so delighted with them we will be buying new stock anyway but would like this to become a recurrent bed if at all possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Paul
You need to leave a good amount of stem on the lilies to die back naturally to feed the bulb for the following year. If the lilies are cut too short then they probably won’t flower very well for a few years. I’d suggest leaving at least 2ft of stem if you can. You can give them a diluted tomato feed to help them every 2 weeks.

Samantha Roselily

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Scented Lilies

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I like to know what most scented lilies you have in stock pack of 10-15.

Hi Anthony

Our lilies will be available to pre-order very soon. Please keep checking back on our website and/or click on one of the links to be notified when something is back in stock. As a general rule of thumb, the whiter the variety of lily the stronger the scent – this is with anything mixed with an oriental lily though. Asiatic lilies do not carry a scent as they attract the insects by their bright colours.

Have you seen:

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

Lily ‘Zambesi’ (SKU17616)

Lily ‘Nymph’ (harts1027)

These lilies all carry a fantastic fragrance.

Nymph Lily

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Dee Howlett

Hi I have run out of eracasious soil for my rose lilys being delivered, I have hunted high and low and nowhere has it, is there another compost I can use?

A good quality, multi-purpose compost will be fine for your roselilies.

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Rose in the name

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I would like to know if there are any plants called Rose or Rosina

We have Roselilies – these are beautiful double oriental lily varieties. They are so pretty with a lovely fragrance.


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