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Hi there,

Do you have any roselily Ciara this year – or have a missed them?

Kind regards

Hi Becky

Unfortunately, we haven’t got Ciara Roselily this year but we do have a couple that are very similar, there’s Roselily ‘Viola’ (SKU177841)  or Roselily ‘Elena’ (SKU17618) that are equally gorgeous with deep pink petals with a lemony centre and speckles.

Roselily Viola

Roselily Elena

Alternatively, you can browse our whole Roselily collection here:


Roselily mixed

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Lilies for cut flower

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Alistair H

Hi I am looking to plant some lilies for cut flowers. Could you advise on which are the best type for this purpose. I believe the ones my wife likes best are longiflorum type but are there other types that make good cut flowers ?

Thank you


Hi Alistair

I would say they are all great for cut flower but maybe avoid the tree lilies are they are rather large with very thick stems.
All the roselilies are gorgeous, stamen-free and carry a beautiful perfume. These would be my first choice for cut flower.

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Lilies and Cats

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Rachel N

Hi there,
I was thinking about buying different sorts of lillies for my garden.
However, there is a neighbourhood cat that does sometimes come into my garden.
I love lillies but which ones are safe to plant in terms of cats. I read some are highly toxic but others may just cause irritation if ingested
Can you send me a list of which ones are safest/less toxic to plant?

Hi Rachel

I would advise trying the pollen-free lilies as this eliminates the risk of the cats brushing past the pollen and licking it off their fur, that’s where the problem can sometimes be. Mosts cats are clever enough not to eat anything from the garden as most plants can be poisonous to them if ingested.

Roselily Aisha




Pollen Free Lilies

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Lauren Lumley


I’ve purchased 3 varieties of your roselilies to trial as a cut flower. Can I ask – does each bulb provide one stem? Does that contain one flower or multiple blooms?

Many Thanks


Hi Lauren

Yes each roselily bulb will produce one stem in the first year with multiple flower heads. They will then multiply over the years.


Samantha Roselily

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Pollen free white lilies

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Angela B

Good Afternoon
I would like to grow white pollen free lilies in a pot and would appreciate knowing which is best, the only ones I had heard of were My Wedding but found another listed. Also do lilies have a single bloom from each bulb or multi flowers?
Thank you
Kind regards
Angela Booty

Hi Angela

Each bulb/stem can produce multiple flower heads.
We have quite a few white, double oriental lilies including Roselilies which are a newer variety that are pollen-free with a gorgeous scent:

Lily ‘Empress’ (SKU177222)

Empress Lily

Lily Empress

Lily ‘Fondu’ (harts10391)

Lily Fondu

Lily ‘Humber’ (harts103911)

Lily Humber

Lily ‘My Wedding’ (SKU17722)

Lily My Wedding

Lily ‘White Tornado’ (harts103912)

Lily White Tornado

Roselily ‘Aisha’ (SKU176191)

Roselily Aisha

Roselily ‘Angela’ (SKU17778)

Roselily Angela

Roselily ‘Dejima’ (SKU17989)

Roselily Dejima

Roselily ‘Leona’ (SKU17786)

Roselily Leona

Roselily ‘Monica’ (SKU17619111)

Roselily Monica

All are equally stunning, it just depends on your personal preference.

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Lily x Rose

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Marlyn P – 

I am looking for the lily combined with a rose. My sister in law showed me a photograph, it was beautiful. I have tried finding it on your website,no luck. Lililium and lily come up. I hope I will be able to make a purchase of it.
Regards Marlyn.

You can find all the Roselilies here:


Roselily Natalia
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What do l do with my Roseliles after flowering…

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Susan L

My Lily’s have been amazing. What is the best way to store them for next year?

Hi Susan

Leave your lilies where they are, just cut off the flower heads and leave the stem/foliage until they have completely died back and turned yellow and hollow. This is usually well into the Autumn. You can then remove the stem and foliage by cutting them just above ground level.

Leave your bulbs outside in soil as they like a cold dormant phase. They just don’t like to get, so ensure they have plenty of drainage. Bring pots under a bit of shelter from rain and/or ensure they are on feet to prevent waterlogging.


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Fragrant Lilies

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Robert M

I am new to growing lilies and would like especially fragrant ones, for planters on my patio. Also – preferably not too tall although that is not too important – the scent is. I have in mind regale, sorbonne, casablanca, that sort of thing. I could do with some advice.
many thanks

robert Martin

Hi Robert

As a general rule of thumb, the whiter the lily the more fragrant is it. This is because it attracts wildlife by its scent as opposed to its colour. Those varieties you mention are lovely, however Regale will get a bit taller over time. I would advise looking at the Oriental Lilies and Roselilies for scent and for lilies that are not too tall.

Oriental Lilies


The Hart Family


I am about to place an order for some Roselilys. I do have a couple of gardeners as I am not very knowledgeable about garden procedures, or the how, why and when of planting. I find your site very informative but would still like to know when the bulbs are actually sent.
We are very proud to say that we have just been accepted by The National Garden Scheme and would love them to come out if possible in June but think you say they come out in July, but I would still ike them.

Lastly I am sorry to say we do have quite a few squirrels, who in the past have eaten them all, and was therefore wondered if you have any ideas as how to keep them at bay.

Any help will be much appreceiated.

Lady Hunt

Hi there,

Our Roselilies are dispatched in February/March when they need planting. They will then flower July/August time and this can be dependant on the weather too.

With regards to the squirrels, you could protect your lily bulbs by covering them with chicken wire.

I believe there are some other squirrel deterrents you can purchase online, like fruit cages etc.

The Hart Family


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Lilyanne M

Feb/March time you sent me Rose lily bulbs. Just to let you know that they are all magnificent, full bloom, smell amazing and each stalk has at least 7 buds. Thank you for selling these to me. X

Hi LilyAnne

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We are delighted to hear how happy you are with your roselilies.


The Hart Family