White highly scented lilies

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David A Campbell

What is the best variety for white, highly scented lilies?

Hi there,
As a rule of thumb, the white oriental lily varieties have the strongest scent. If you would like a taller variety, then the Oriental Trumpet lilies (also known as Tree lilies) will produce large flower heads and can reach up to and/or over 6ft in height. I would suggest Zambesi for this variety. We also have shorter lily varieties, like the Roselilies or the Oriental lilies. These can reach up to 100-120cm in height depending on which you choose. We have plenty of white ones, including Lilium Casa Blanca, which is a gorgeous Oriental lily that is regularly featured on the BBC’s Gardener’s World by Monty Don. The Roselilies are without stamen but still produce a gorgeous perfume, I would recommend Roselily Aisha or Roselily Natalia. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

Availability of Shocking – OT Lily

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Jill Taylor

I’m looking for the Lily’Shocking’ bulbs.
Have purchased before from you at RHS shows.
If I’m correct this has the most intoxicating scent…divine!
Please can you advise me of availability & price.
Many thanks
Jilly Taylor.

Hi Jill

Yes you’re correct – the Oriental Trumpet Lily ‘Shocking’ does have a stunning scent and appearance. You can order them from us for delivery at the Feb/beginning of March.
Shocking (harts1026)
Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Which lilies are scented?


Eyeliner Longiflorum x Asiatic Lily with slight fragrance.
Samantha Roselily
Scented Roselily Samantha

How to tell if a lily will be scented or not

There are many different types of lilies, some that are scented and some that are not. Oriental Lilies do tend to carry the strongest fragrance although other varieties can have just as strong a perfume. Oriental x Trumpets, Longiflorums, Trumpets and Double Orientals including Roseilies all carry a fantastic perfume. Continue reading