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How to plant Hymenocallis Festalis

This question was asked by
Chris archer

I have received my delivery, thank you. How should these be planted below the surface or partly above, different info via Internet. Also should they be lifted during winter?

Plant your Hymenocallis Festalis bulbs with their neck and shoulders just above soil level.

Plant in a sunny position with well-drained soil, preferably sandy soil.

Once you see signs of growth and foliage, start to mist with water occasionally with water.

Water the Hymenocallis Festalis regularly.

Hymenocallis Festalis are ideal for planting in pots so they can be easily lifted and stored over winter to protect from the colder climate.

Hymenocallis Festalis (Pack 3 Bulbs) (SKU17669)
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How to plant Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs

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D. Slingsby

I have just received the most magnificent Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs from you and want to make sure they get the right start. How deep should they be planted and how much watering is required before and after planting?

We’re glad you’re happy with your Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs. Aren’t the bulbs just fantastic! You will need to plant the Cardiocrinum Giganteum bulbs with just the tip of the bulb showing (like how we’ve supplied it in the pot) and they only need to be moderately watered. Do not be tempted to over water them. They will need to planted outside now. Happy planting!

Cardiocrinum Giganteum (SKU17816)
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