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Shelagh – 

I received my order this morning of 2 x Hedychium Ginger Lilies and just wanted to say how delighted I am.
They are magnificent tubers with healthy new shoots. Really smashing plants.
I will certainly be checking your stock online regularly with a view to buying again

Hi Shelagh

Thank you for the fab feedback – if you want to share it with others you can do on the below link and we would really appreciate it:


Ginger Lily

Hedychium Ginger Lily


Hedychium Ginger Lily

The Hart Family

How to care for Scadoxus Multiflorus over winter

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J. Basham

All 6 bulbs flowered and I now I have quite a spectacular display of leaves and 6 flower heads. Do I dead head these or leave them until the leaves die back? They are in pots so in the very mild outskirts of London do I wait for the first frost before lifting? Should I be feeding the plants. Sorry for so many questions but saw these growing in Kirstenbosch and bought them from you!

Hi there,
After your Scadoxus Multiflorus has finished flowering, cut the flower head off and allow the stem and foliage to die back naturally. Stop watering after this and allow the bulb to lie dormant throughout the winter months. However, Scadoxus Multiflorus needs protection over Winter. We would suggest lifting them and storing them somewhere dry or moving the pot into a shed or frost-free area.

Loraine Hart

How to plant Hedychium Gardnerianum The Ginger Lily

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paul colman

Are there any special instructions for planting ginger lilies. Thanks.

Yes I do have some instructions for growing the Ginger Lily:

Planting and growing instructions: Hedychium Gardnerianum
If planting in pots: Hedychium gardnerianum rhizomes grow naturally above ground. Plant your rhizomes/tubers so that the rhizome is only half covered with soil. Use a large pot, layering pot with shards or clay pellets on the bottom for drainage and weight. Add fresh potting compost and place the roots of the rhizome in the soil – if there are no roots visible the rhizome will soon begin to form them. Water immediately after planting.
If planting in the garden: Find a good location with plenty of sun. Planting half the Rhizome proud of the ground level. Water regularly.
Hedychium Gardnerianum The ‘Ginger Lily’ (SKU17815)
Loraine Hart

Growing lily bulbs in a greenhouse

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T. Gibson

Can I grow lilies in a large, airy greenhouse. I have a soil bed and large tubs.

Yes growing your lily bulbs in your greenhouse will be absolutely fine. We get great results from growing our lilies under glass. We use all our lilies to exhibit at the RHS Flower shows including the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show. We just advise on checking which soil you will need for the lily bulb varieties you have. The tree-like lilies (oriental trumpets) are happy in any soil.

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)
Loraine Hart

Our Lily Display

We were fortunate enough to have a professional team from Zumm Creative come over to the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show this year and capture some great footage of our lily display and outside Garden where we won a Gold Medal for our lilies and Best Plant Village Exhibit for our garden.
Well done to all – it looks great!
For more information regarding Zumm Creative,
please contact Calam Smail on 01270 897170.