Congratulations on your website

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Roy M

Have just ordered my lilies for next year and just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent website. It is very responsive and easy to use.
There are very good photos/ descriptions/ filters throughout.
Well done!

Hi Roy

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on our website. We are so glad to hear your shopping experience was an easy one!

Many thanks and Happy New Year!

The Hart Family

Flowers for May

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Just wanted some advice as to which lily bulbs are perennial? I was wanting to get a gift for my neighbour of flowers that bloom around May each year as a memory for someone they lost.

Hi Alice

That’s a lovely idea – yes our bulbs are perennial. Lilies do tend to flower a bit later than May though. Have you seen the Lily of the Valley that flower in May? They are gorgeous, have a beautiful perfume and multiply each year.

Convallaria Majalis ‘Lily of the valley’ (Pack of 10) (SKU18066)

The Hart Family

Eucomis Bicolor (pineapple lily)

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– Martin C

Mine are resting for the winter in a greenhouse. Should I cut off the high stem at bulb level or will it die back anyway?

Hi Martin

Leave the stem and foliage to die back naturally. Once it has turned to a brown colour you can remove it all. Eucomis like some protection over winter.

The Hart Family

Availability of Lily Spectator

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– Tony P

I recently ordered some lilies but discovered Lily ‘Spectator’ was out of stock. Will you get more in ready for the Spring planting season?

Unfortunately we haven’t got Lilium Spectator available this year. Have you looked at Solution which is a similar oriental lily.

Lily ‘Solution’ (SKU17804)

The Hart Family

Ordering roselilies

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– Michael R

Trying to order roselilies – Would like 10 pink.

Hi Michael

Which pink Roselily would you like? We have quite a few available to pre-order for Feb delivery.

Have you seen these gorgeous varieties:
Roselily ‘Editha’ (SKU17782)

Roselily ‘Elena’ (SKU17618)

Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)

You can find all our Roselilies here:

The Hart Family


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Mary McCoy

How to plant Nerines?
When to plant Nerines?
Are they part of the Lily family?
Can I expect Lily Beetle problems?
Do you supply?
Query cost?

Hi Mary

Yes we sell Nerines, they are known as the Guernsey Lily but they are not a true lily and do not attract the lily beetle. They need planting in the Spring for Autumn flowering.
You can find all planting and care instructions under each product.


The Hart Family

Lily bulbs

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– Philip

Hi there am I able to order bulbs online from your website please,thanks Phil

HI Philip

Yes – you can pr-order your lilies now for delivery in February/March.


The Hart Family

NERINE bulb planting & delivery month

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– John

Wanting to order now but not expecting bulbs until early March.

Are these surface planted – with only lower half below surface?

Hi John

Yes that is correct. Nerines will be dispatched in the Spring (you can choose which month from your Basket). They need planting with their necks above ground. Have you seen our Breeder’s Blend – the colours look magnificent together.

Breeder’s Blend of Nerines (SKU17666134444)

The Hart Family

Lilies for planting in autumn

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Please could you tell me if I can still plant Lilium Candidum in beds or pots now. If the answer is no how should I store the bulbs until it is safe to plant them. I live in Kent and we have had a couple of frosts but are mainly putting up with rain. My soil is a lovely loam with good drainage. Thank you.

Hi Trisha

Yes, you need to plant your Lilium Candidum now. As long as you have good drainage you can plant them in your borders. Pots are great for Lilium Candidum too.

The Hart Family