Nerine Bowdenii Stock

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When do you expect to have Nerine Bowdenii in stock again please?
Many thanks

Hello there,

These will be back in stock to pre-order in the next month or so for delivery in the Spring. Please click on the ‘Notify Me’ box to be emailed when they are available to order.

Nerine Bowdenii (SKU17666)

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Nerine bulbs

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Caroline  – 

I would like to order would like to order some Nerine bulbs (Bowdenii) – when will you dispatch them? Now or do I have to wait till Feb as suggested on your website. ?

Hi there,

We dispatch our Nerine bulbs from February through to the end of May. If you order your Nerine bulbs now (May), they will be dispatched the next working day and will flower late summer to autumn.




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Potting up Nerines

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I’d like to order some Nerine but would like the know how to pot them up.

If you are planning to plant in pots, plant your bulbs using a mixture of 50% multipurpose compost and 50% loam-based compost such as John Innes No.2. As with planting in the garden, plant the bulbs with their necks above the soil surface.

Nerines do not like to be disturbed so establish a decent position from the off and avoid moving them.
Protect in very cold areas with a mulch over winter.
Don’t worry if the flowering is not brilliant the first year, its just establishing itself. Be patient and you will see results in 12-18months.
Do not divide Nerine bulbs as they prefer to become quite congested and grow in clumps.

Alternatively, we have planting and care instructions on each nerine product page Nerines
You should find some helpful information on potting up Nerines here.

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Help with growing Nerines

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I would like to buy some Nerine bulbs have never grown them before some advice on the best ones to get for a spectacular show.
Did buy some early in the year from another firm planted in January as per instructions rain and frost I found they had rotted in the soil😩
Grateful for advice.Thanks

Oh no – we have have some lovely varieties of Nerines. Have you seen the
Breeder’s Blend of Nerines (SKU17666134444) this is great for a mass display of different colour.

Nerines are happy to be planted in the spring for a late summer to early autumn display of colour. Locate your permanent position to plant your Nerines preferably in a sunny spot where you know they won’t be disturbed.

Planting Nerines in swathes of 3 or more bulbs will produce a lovely floral display. Space each bulb 20cm (8″) apart and ensure to plant them with their neck above ground. Ensure your soil is has good drainage.

Harts’ Hint
“Nerines thrive on a lack of disturbance and being planted in a sunny area. Do not fear if these autumn beauties take a little longer to flower, once they do they’ll be worth the wait!”

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Nerine elegance ‘Pearls of Cherry’

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Ian Lowe

Is this plant hardy, looks spectacular but up here in the chilly wet north west (Manchester)?


HI Ian

We aren’t too far from you in Alsager, Cheshire and we grow Nerines well. They are Hardy – H5 (-15°C to -10°C) / Semi-Hardy – so they could do with a mulch over winter to protect them from frost.

Nerine Pearls Of Cherry (SKU176661344)

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How to store Nerine bowdenii bulbs

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Vanessa Z

How should nerine bowdenii bulbs be stored prior to planting?
I have been given some and it is too cold and wet in my garden to plant them out now.

Keep your Nerines somewhere dry and cool and frost free before planting them out in the Spring.

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Nerine Bowdenii bulbs

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Brianne P

Can I plant these bulbs out now or should I wait till March ?
Thank you

Hi Brianne

If you have them now, plant them now. We do not send our out until early spring but get them in the ground if you have them.

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Mary McCoy

How to plant Nerines?
When to plant Nerines?
Are they part of the Lily family?
Can I expect Lily Beetle problems?
Do you supply?
Query cost?

Hi Mary

Yes we sell Nerines, they are known as the Guernsey Lily but they are not a true lily and do not attract the lily beetle. They need planting in the Spring for Autumn flowering.
You can find all planting and care instructions under each product.


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