Planting of Fritillaria Imperialis

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Hi, we are just about to plant the bulbs you sent us , we are putting them in pots, the card with them says to put sand in the hole, does this mean the hole in the bulb or the hole underneath the bulb? Thank you V Terry

Hello there

You can add sand, grit or gravel to the hole you’ve dug for the bulbs to improve the condition of the area for planting, this is allows water to drain more freely.

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Planting crocus, bluebells and snowdrops

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Hi there just received my parcel thank you, bluebells crocus and snowdrops,can you tell me when to plant these,and how deep, for winter show. once again thanks isobel xx

Hi Isobel

You’re very welcome. You need to plant them all now (during the months or Sept – Nov). You can plant them all 6-8cm below the soil surface. You can find further instructions on how to plant and care for your bulbs on the product pages on our website.

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Planting my Fritillaria rubra.

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Mrs Josephine Hickmam

I have quite a large pot to plant my fritillaria in and was wondering if I can plant other things in while waiting for it to grow. Things like cyclamen,heather, Pansy\’s snowdrops and anemones.

Yes you can – you can layer the planting like a lasagne. Remember to plant your Fritillaria on their side so the hole doesn’t get waterlogged.


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Scarlet Beetle and Fritillarias!

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Brian C

Not a question but an additional piece of advice re the Lily beetle. If you have any fritillarias in your garden, look for the lily beetle on them as soon as they begin to grow. Last year I didn’t and then found some were almost leafless as a result of that damned beetle.

Thank you for your email!
Yes – Unfortunately the Scarlet beetle likes Fritillarias as well. We advise this on our Care Instructions page for each Fritillaria variety. As you say Brian, keep a look for these pests and try to use the Garlic Spray to keep them at bay. Thanks again.

Loraine Hart

Crown Imperial bulbs

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Mrs. Sylvia Williams

Good evening, I have recived my Lutea & Persica bulbs today. I must say I was completely flabergasted by the size of your bulbs, I honestly was. They are humongous. They are easy triple the size of bulbs I have bought elsewhere which cost more. I will certainly only be buyomgall my future bulbs from you. A great big thank you for superb bulbs at a fantastic price.
Regards…… Sylvia.

You’re very welcome. Thank you for your feedback, it’s always good to hear from a happy customer!

Best wishes
Loraine Hart