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Which soils for different lilies?

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Lynn Francis

Could you please tell me what is the diference between soils? It gets confusing. I have been having success growing my lillies in John innes 1- 2- 3
and also Miracle grow compost, which seems to give me better results. I have been growing in containers, but I am planning to remove and plant in the ground,
Will this be better for the lilies?

Hi Lynn

If you are planting them in the garden you must have well-drained soil. I would need to know which varieties of lilies you have to advise which soil is best. Orientals need an Acidic soil. Asiatics lilies require an Alkaline Soil. Really, if you have a well-drained soil, replant them in the garden and see how they grow, you can always put them back in pots if they don’t do so well. I hope this help.

Loraine Hart

Advice on preparing lilies for overwintering

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Hi there,

I bought a couple of lily collections from you last year at the Wisley flower show – they’ve made a fantastic display in the garden this year. Thank you.

This has been my first experience with growing lilies and I am a little confused now with how far to cut them back in preparation for winter.

I have read lots of advice about pruning the seed heads and “allowing the foliage to die back naturally” but once the foliage has begun to turn brown, how much of the main stem or stalk should be cut back?

Hope you can help.

Hi there,

When the Lily has finished flowering, cut any seed heads back and allow the foliage to die back naturally as you say. Do not be tempted to cut the stem back until stems become hollow and brown. Once this has happened, you can cut the stem back to the service or leave about an inch of stem.

Kind regards
Loraine Hart

Growing tree lilies

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E. Wilson

I stay in the central belt in Scotland are Tree-like Lilies reasonably hardy and do they require special compost and do the bulbs multiply over time?

Tree lilies are very hardy, in fact they like a cold dormant phase and can tolerate down to -25 degrees. They are happy in any well-drained soil and will multiply over the years. After 3 years, remove the bulblets and replant.

Loraine Hart

When to plant

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I have bought a couple of lion heart Lily bulbs and I’m just wondering when I should be planting them. I have bought bulbs before and for some reason they haven’t come up. I want to get it right this time. Please help.

If you have recently bought your bulbs at one of the shows we attend, you will need to plant them immediately (as they have been held back in a cold store and will flower this summer approx. 8-12weeks time . They will return to their normal flowering cycle next year).

Loraine Hart