Tulip bulb shortage?

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L. Tilling

Is there a shortage of tulip bulbs this year? Everywhere I have tried to buy any says they are out of stock, literally every garden centre & nursery! Also online sites too. What has happened?
Kind regards

Hi there Linda
As you’ve experienced, you can’t really purchase tulip bulbs this time of year as they require planting in the Autumn (ideally after the first frost to kill off any virus that may be found in the ground). They will then flower in the Spring. Our tulips will be available to order in the Summer and we will start to dispatch them at the end of September. Hope this helps.

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Loraine Hart

Tulip selection

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Johnny knox

I have a project coming up and the client would like tulips but I am wary of using them as in the past I have planted some that have only lasted the first year. Is there any that are reliable year on year for flowering.
Many thanks

Hi there,
Tulips can be quite susceptible to viruses in the summer and therefore require lifting after flowering (late spring/early summer when they’ve completely died back) and storing until the first frosts in the Autumn. The frost will kill off an virus in the soil.

We would suggest planting the viridiflora varieties as these are less susceptible to viruses.

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Loraine Hart

Tulips and flowering times.

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Can you recommend a White or Yellow Tulip that will flower at the same time as Queen of the Night(the Black Tulips I already have). I wondered about Angels Wish? Thanks

Hi there,
Yes Angel’s Wish is a good choice to flower at the same time as Queen of Night Tulips.

Angels Wish (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (SKU17633)
Queen of Night (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1118)
kind regards
Loraine Hart

Start of Autumn…


Autumn and what to plant

The temperature is dropping, days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour – all signs that summer is drawing to a close. But when does autumn actually start? Well it’s the 1st September if you go by the meteorological calendar or 23rd September based on the Astronimical calendar. If, like us, you’re wondering what the difference is, the meteorological calendar is more simplified and splits up the four seasons into three month blocks and the Astronomers base the date of the seasons upon autumnal equinox, when night and day are roughly equal length. So either way, Autumn is upon us! And its time to start thinking about your Spring garden as our glorious spring flowers like to be planted throughout the Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov).

Here’s a little break down of what you can plant this Autumn to have some colour in your garden month by month:

January-February: CrocusSnowdrops, 

February-March: Narcissus,  Leucojum Aestivum

March-April: Tulips,  Cyclamen,  Puschkinia, Anemone Blanda, Chinodoxa,
Erythronium Pagoda

April- May: FritillariaHyacinthoides Non-Scripta ‘Blue Bells’, Alliums

May +: CamassiaEremurus

Martagon Lilies

Claude Shride (1).JPG

We now have our stunning Martagons available to order as well. With a few new varieties to choose from. Our Martagons will also be dispatched in the Autumn for planting throughout the months of Sept, Oct and Nov. Martagons are ideal for woodland type gardens. These special Lilies grow especially well in dappled shade in Humus-rich, Alkaline soil. They naturalize really well and are long lived and hardy.

Happy Gardening!
Harts Nursery 🙂

How to plant Tulips

How to plant and grow Tulips
Tulips are a stunning and popular choice of flower for a spring garden. They add plenty of character to your pots on your patio and borders or features in your garden. Tulips are best planted during the months of October/November so the cold temperatures can kill off any viruses found in the soil which may infect the bulbs.
Tulips can vary in height and colour so always plan ahead and know whether you need shorter varieties for your rockery or taller ones to add a bit of dimension against other flowers. Before you purchase your Tulip bulbs, you also need to consider whether you have a colour scheme in your garden. Some gardeners like to have all white flowers or you may like to be more dramatic and choose some of the deeper shades of colours. Some Tulips like ‘Queen of Night’ are unbelievably dark in colour, they are almost black! You may like to mix your colours, if so and you want a full display of tulips then make sure to choose the same group of Tulip: Single Early, Double Early and Triumph are great for containers as they mix well with other Spring flowers and will not look too tall for their pot. However, Parrot and Viridiflora types may also work well. If you are planning to group together different varieties, be sure to plan that they flower at the same time as they won’t have the same affect if they flower 6 weeks after the other.


Tulips planted in crates for a rustic feature 

So, once you have chosen the height and colour, you need to work out how many bulbs you may need. If planting in pots you may want to layer them like what the Dutch call a ‘Bulb Lasagne’. This will give a dense display of Tulips as you layer them on top of each other. We would recommend planting bulbs about 2-3cm apart (1-1.5″) with the tallest varieties planted deepest (about 30cm deep), covered with 2″ of potting compost and then plant the smallest varieties on top as the top layer. The lower bulbs will shoot up bending around anything they may come across in their path. We would suggest using an 18″ pot and fill in it with 18 -2o bulbs. So now work out how many you may fit into your pot based on this.
When planting, make sure you place the tulip bulbs pointy end up in a location with well-drained soil. Tulips will not thrive in water-logged areas. Tulips like to receive full sun for most of the day. However, some varieties can tolerate shady areas too. Check with the individual variety. If planting in the garden, plant the bulbs with their pointed tops 12cm below the soil surface. Allow 4 to 5 bulbs per square foot.
After planting, water the Tulips well, gently soaking the soil to settle it around the bulbs. Water as needed during active growth periods. After flowering has finished for the season leave the foliage in place; don’t cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulbs for the future. By mid summer the leaves may yellow and die back. Foliage may be removed at this point.

Some tips for our Lily Lovers!

Hi Lily Lovers!

Hopefully everyone has had beautiful lilies this year in their garden. The ‘Tree-like lilies‘ have been fantastic, there are so many new varieties. The perfume isNew lilies banner wonderful. These extremely tall lilies tower above the shrubs in borders with sturdy stems and an abundance of blooms.

So, if your lilies have bloomed, now is the time to dead head them. Cut just below the last bloom leaving the stem to die back completely, this feeds the bulb for the following year making the bulb bigger, producing more blooms. Wait until the autumn to repot. Lilies should be re potted every three years. The little bulblets you find can also be potted to produce blooms in a few years time! Remember to keep your lilies well drained over winter. This is really important or they will rot. Tip pots on their side or place them on a couple of house bricks. We have more tips on planting and looking after your lilies here including how to keep those pesky Lily Beetles away!

We have some fabulous new varieties for next year, especially ‘Roselilies‘. These beautiful double varieties are highly scented and have no pollen. They will soon be added to our website, so please check back and order for February delivery.

Don’t forget it will soon be time to plant your spring flowering bulbs. These are also on our website. We have
some stunning varieties of Tulips but if you want height, Alliums are a must!

Lastly we are at the ‘Shrewsbury Flower Show‘ this weekend (Friday 12th to Saturday 13th August). So if you are coming, we will see you there!

Happy Gardening!
The ‘Hart Team’

Planning ahead

You may be thinking that Summer has only just arrived and we really haven’t seen much of it so far. But unfortunately, Autumn will be upon us before we know it and that’s when you need to start thinking about your garden for the following Spring… Yes! I said Spring, 2016!! Seems a long way off but if you want your garden to look full of colour and packed with your favourite flowers then thinking ahead and planting your bulbs in the Autumn is what you need to do. If you’re not an experienced gardener, that’s not a problem as we provide growing and planting instructions on most varieties on our website at www.hartsnursery.co.uk.
Have you thought about your colour scheme for your garden or the height of the flowers you would like? Or do you need to know what flowers grow best in what conditions? Some prefer sunnier positions and some like growing in the shade. Perhaps your garden has an Alkaline or Acidic Soil? If so, our website can advise on this or you can just drop us an email at info@hartsnursery.co.uk and ask us! We are happy to help!
We have some great offers on Spring bulbs this year with many new collections being added to our website to make the decision-making easier. We’ve grouped certain varieties together based on what we think complement each other at a special offer price! Check out our fabulous offers on Alliums too!! It seems these majestic, pom-pom like flowers are not only attracting the bees as we’ve noticed that Alliums have been super popular this year! There’s plenty of new varieties for you to choose from.
Autumn is also the time to plant your Martagon Lily Bulbs. Now, these spectacular species grow well in woodland type gardens and especially well in dappled shade in a humus-rich, Alkaline soil. Another great feature about these Lilies is that they naturalize really well and are long-lived and particularly hardy! Again, we have some amazing new varieties for you to choose from on our website. Order now to avoid disappointment as we have limited stock!

Happy planning and planting from hartsnursery.co.uk

Less than a month to go…

For everybody that has ordered Spring Bulbs… we will be dispatching very soon. You still have time to order… click here to find all our varieties on offer. There’s plenty of different plants to choose from including Alliums, Tulips, Daffodils and Eremurus. All of which come in top size bulbs.
Why not try our newest variety of Allium called RED Mohican… it’s simply STUNNING!

Allium Red Mohican

Add colour and height to your garden this Spring.