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I want to order a range of tulip bulbs

This question was asked by
Pete Turner

Last year I bought some queensland tulips from you and I want buy a big range of tulips this year .. can you notify me when your bulbs become available to order please.

Thanks … Pete Turner

Hi Pete

Our tulip bulbs are now available to pre-order for autumn delivery.


The Hart Family

Nxt year’s tulip order.

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I love a lot of your tulip selection , can you tell me earlist time to order nxt yr please so i get what I want pls ….

Maureen White

Hi Marueen

We have now opened our spring bulb selection for ordering online. If you wish to pre-order tulips now, they will be dispatched in the Autumn.


The Hart Family

Tulip bulbs

This question was asked by
V. Lupton

Many of the tulip bulbs are currently out of stock, will these varieties be available in the summer for autumn delivery?
Many thanks
Val x

Yes they sure will be Val – please keep checking back on our spring bulbs page. We hope to have tulips and all other spring flowering bulbs ready to order in the next month.


The Hart Family

Tulip bulbs

This question was asked by
Suzanna ogden

Hi, what time of year do you normally have tulip bulbs for sale please?


Stay safe

Our tulip bulbs will be available to purchase in the Summer. By July, ready for planting them in the Autumn.

The Hart Family

Growing Spring flowers indoors

This question was asked by
C. Towell

Mini Tulip Giuseppe Verdi, would these bulbs be suitable for growing indoors in a large bowl? If not, could you recommend some spring bulbs that are. Many thanks

You can plant the Guiseppe Verdi tulips outside in a pot/container and then bring them inside once they are flowering.

The other bulbs we would recommend for indoor flowering and this would be in time for Christmas would be Hyacinths and Amaryllis (Amaryllis bulbs are due online soon).

Hyacinth Delft Blue (Pack of 6) (SKU17938)

Hyacinth Pink Pearl (Pack of 6) (SKU179381)

Hyacinth White Pearl (Pack of 6) (SKU1793811)


Tulip bulb shortage?

This question was asked by
L. Tilling

Is there a shortage of tulip bulbs this year? Everywhere I have tried to buy any says they are out of stock, literally every garden centre & nursery! Also online sites too. What has happened?
Kind regards

Hi there Linda

As you’ve experienced, you can’t really purchase tulip bulbs this time of year as they require planting in the Autumn (ideally after the first frost to kill off any virus that may be found in the ground). They will then flower in the Spring. Our tulips will be available to order in the Summer and we will start to dispatch them at the end of September. Hope this helps.

Check out our Fruit Salad Tulip Collection – a great pop of colour for your Spring Garden!

Fruit Salad Tulip Collection (Pack of 60 bulbs) (SKU177143)
Loraine Hart

Tulip selection

This question was asked by
Johnny knox

I have a project coming up and the client would like tulips but I am wary of using them as in the past I have planted some that have only lasted the first year. Is there any that are reliable year on year for flowering.

Many thanks

Hi there,

Tulips can be quite susceptible to viruses in the summer and therefore require lifting after flowering (late spring) and storing until the first frosts in the Autumn. We would suggest planting the viridiflora varieties as these are less susceptible to viruses.

China Town (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1116)

China Town (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1116)

China Town (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1116)

Spring Green (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1079)

Golden Artist (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1076)
Loraine Hart

Tulips and flowering times.

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Can you recommend a White or Yellow Tulip that will flower at the same time as Queen of the Night(the Black Tulips I already have). I wondered about Angels Wish? Thanks

Hi there,

Yes Angel’s Wish is a good choice to flower at the same time as Queen of Night Tulips.

Angels Wish (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (SKU17633)

Queen of Night (Pack of 20 Bulbs) (harts1118)

kind regards
Loraine Hart

Start of Autumn…


Autumn and what to plant

The temperature is dropping, days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour – all signs that summer is drawing to a close. But when does autumn actually start? Well it’s the 1st September if you go by the meteorological calendar or 23rd September based on the Astronimical calendar. If, like us, you’re wondering what the difference is, the meteorological calendar is more simplified and splits up the four seasons into three month blocks and the Astronomers base the date of the seasons upon autumnal equinox, when night and day are roughly equal length. So either way, Autumn is upon us! And its time to start thinking about your Spring garden as our glorious spring flowers like to be planted throughout the Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov).

Here’s a little break down of what you can plant this Autumn to have some colour in your garden month by month:

January-February: CrocusSnowdrops, 

February-March: Narcissus,  Leucojum Aestivum


March-April: Tulips,  Cyclamen,  Puschkinia, Anemone Blanda, Chinodoxa,
Erythronium Pagoda

April- May: FritillariaHyacinthoides Non-Scripta ‘Blue Bells’, Alliums

May +: CamassiaEremurus

Martagon Lilies

Claude Shride (1).JPG

We now have our stunning Martagons available to order as well. With a few new varieties to choose from. Our Martagons will also be dispatched in the Autumn for planting throughout the months of Sept, Oct and Nov. Martagons are ideal for woodland type gardens. These special Lilies grow especially well in dappled shade in Humus-rich, Alkaline soil. They naturalize really well and are long lived and hardy.


Happy Gardening!
Harts Nursery 🙂