Planting Roselily plants

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Terry E

I will be ordering plants from your web site, before I can would you advise me the maximum number Roselily plants I can plant in a 60cm Dia planter.

Is it OK to plant these Lillies in groups of 3 0r 5 ? in the planter.

Would you advise if it is suitable to fill the planter using Ericaceous soil mixed with John Innes No3 soil?

Is it best to plant the bulbs at the bottom of the planter and then cover to the top with the soil?

Many thanks – Terry

Hi Terry

You need to plant your bulbs with 4-6″ of soil above the top of the bulbs mixing the Ericaceous with John Innes No.3 is perfect. You could plant 9 (3×3) to 10 (5×2) roselily bulbs in this size pot.

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Snowboard Lilies

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Michael G

Could you tell me if you have any snowboard lilies available to buy?

Good morning Michael

We haven’t got lilium Snowboard available this year unforunately but we do have lots of white double oriental lilies and white roselilies. Have you seen these:

Lily ‘Fondu’ (harts10391)

Lily ‘White Tornado’ (harts103912)

Lily ‘My Wedding’ (SKU17722)

Roselily ‘Angela’ (SKU17778)

The Hart Family

Availability of Lily Spectator

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– Tony P

I recently ordered some lilies but discovered Lily ‘Spectator’ was out of stock. Will you get more in ready for the Spring planting season?

Unfortunately we haven’t got Lilium Spectator available this year. Have you looked at Solution which is a similar oriental lily.

Lily ‘Solution’ (SKU17804)

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Ordering roselilies

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– Michael R

Trying to order roselilies – Would like 10 pink.

Hi Michael

Which pink Roselily would you like? We have quite a few available to pre-order for Feb delivery.

Have you seen these gorgeous varieties:
Roselily ‘Editha’ (SKU17782)

Roselily ‘Elena’ (SKU17618)

Roselily ‘Isabella’ (SKU17619)

You can find all our Roselilies here:

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Lily bulbs

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– Philip

Hi there am I able to order bulbs online from your website please,thanks Phil

HI Philip

Yes – you can pr-order your lilies now for delivery in February/March.


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Lilies for planting in autumn

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Please could you tell me if I can still plant Lilium Candidum in beds or pots now. If the answer is no how should I store the bulbs until it is safe to plant them. I live in Kent and we have had a couple of frosts but are mainly putting up with rain. My soil is a lovely loam with good drainage. Thank you.

Hi Trisha

Yes, you need to plant your Lilium Candidum now. As long as you have good drainage you can plant them in your borders. Pots are great for Lilium Candidum too.

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Lilies for autumn planting

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Lisette De Roche

If I ordered lily bulbs from you now – is it too late to ‘autumn’ plant them or should I wait to order in the spring and plant then?
Many thanks,

HI there
All lily bulbs are dispatched in February ready for planting except for Lilium Candidum ‘The Madonna Lily’ which can be planted in the Autumn.

Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily) (SKU17646)

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Just to say…

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Maria –

Hi there just to say thank you very much for my bulbs that were delivered this week. Super Quick. First class bulbs ,great packaging .
I’m very pleased with what I’ve received.
Yours sincerely Maria

HI Maria

Thank you so much for your email. If you get a spare 2 mins, would you mind sharing your lovely comments here:

We’d would be very grateful. Thank you so much.

The Hart Family

Bentley Lily bulbs over-wintering

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Linda S –

I planted Bentley lilies 3 in a pot earlier in the year and they flowered beautifully. What I don’t know is how to treat them this winter. Do I leave them in their pot(quite big to bring into my small greenhouse) or leave in a sheltered spot outside….or lift them? Advice please.

HI Linda

You can find all planting and care instructions on each product page on our website. Click on the link below and then on the ‘Care Instructions’ tab half way down the page.

Lily ‘Bentley’ (SKU17767)

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