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How do you bag up your Mixed lily bulb Collections

This question was asked by
P. Coombes

Are the individual bulb varieties labelled with the names when sent out in collections

eg White Collection 4 x 3 bulbs

Yes – the lily collections are bagged individually in their respective groups of 3 bulbs. So for each lily collection you will receive 4 bags of lily 3 bulbs.
I hope that helps.

‘Dazzling Whites’ Lily Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (SKU17730)

‘Perfect Pinks’ Lily Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (SKU17728)

‘Tree like’ Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1152)

Asiatic Lily Bulb Collection (Pack of 12 Bulbs) (harts1154)

Loraine Hart

Discover Our New Lilies For 2019

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New Lilies for 2019

Last Summer we asked you to vote on Facebook for your favourite lily from some potential new varieties for 2019! Well, here they are in order of popularity. All these new lilies are available on our website to order for delivery in February 2019. 


Availability of lily stock

This question was asked by
J. Kasperuk

just wanted to check if the varieties that are showing as ‘out of stock’ have already been sold out for 2019 or if the site hasnt yet been updated?
thank you

We have updated everything online now. Some items may be Out of Stock for now but they may become available if we get new crops in due course depending on the crop.

Hope that helps.
Loraine Hart

Miss Lucy

This question was asked by
K. Greenfield

I’ve been trying to find Miss Lucy bulbs off and on for a while now but am struggling to find any. You are out of stock…do you know when you will have more to sell??
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, Miss Lucy has been discontinued as the crop kept failing. It was a shame as it’s such a lovely looking lily. Have you looked at Roselily Kendra. That is a similar looking lily with the soft pink edges like Miss Lucy. Kendra Lily has a glorious scent without the pollen too!

Roselily ‘Kendra’ (SKU17845)
Loraine Hart

Why do you ship lilies in February?

This question was asked by
U. Fochler

I am interested in Lily bulb Black Beauty.
Why is the shipping not earlier than February?

Hi there,

Lilies need planting in the Spring for Summer flowering that is why we ship them throughout the months of Feb to May. The lily bulbs will be lifted in February ready for dispatch. Black Beauty is a stunning variety!

Hope this helps.
Loraine Hart

Feeding Oriental Lilies

This question was asked by
P. Shore

Do you recommend feeding pot-grown lilies after they have bloomed, and if so with what kind of fertiliser/plant food?

We suggest watering your oriental lilies moderately after they have finished flowering but do not let them get waterlogged. You can also try using a Tomato feed on your lilies.

Loraine Hart

When should lilies be planted?

This question was asked by
A. Gibson

You state delivery for lily bulbs is February to May; I am concerned that by May it will be too late to plant them for summer flowers. I would have thought they should be planted about November.

Thank you for your email. Lilies need to be planted in the Spring for Summer flowering. Once planted, they take 10 to 12 weeks to flower. The lily bulbs we continue to dispatch in May have been held back and in cold storage. They will then flower within the 10-12 week period once planted. They will then revert back to their original flowering cycle the following year. Hope this helps.

Loraine Hart

How to get rid of red Lily Beetle

This question was asked by
M. Ball

Earlier in the year i purchased your candy cane collection and could not be more pleased so have just ordered another 18 lily bulbs and wondered if there is any insecticide to deter and kill lily beetle and where to buy it from. would greatly appreciate your help with thanks Mick

Ah that’s lovely to hear. Thank you for your continued custom.

Yes we have had some good results from diluted Neem Oil to keep the pesky Lily Beetle at bay! We recommend using a hand sprayer with 1 teaspoon of Neem Oil (5ml) plus a small amount of washing up liquid (as a surfactant) with approx. 500ml water. So 1 part Neem Oil to 100 parts water (1:100).
You can purchase Neem Oil online from Amazon I believe.

Loraine Hart